Nail Stencils

half moon nails tutorial

Half moon nails or the Reverse French manicure, is one of my favorite nail designs. It’s versatile so it suits any nail shape or length and it also allows for a lot of experimentation. You can do anything from loose glitter half moons to tiny edgy half moon details. If you’re good with a nail READ MORE

candy corn nails

Our Halloween nail odyssey continues! Today I’m showing you another fantastic Halloween nail art idea – half-moon Candy Corn nails. It’s an elegant look, so if you’re not normally into spooky nail designs, this one is just the right one for you. A great bonus, these Candy Corn nails are very easy to do! If you have some READ MORE

black and white nail art tutorial 1

If you’re looking for a high impact manicure idea, you’ll enjoy this Graphic Black and White nail art. A great bonus, it’s super easy to do. Plus, I’m sure you already have black, white and silver (or holo) polishes in your collection. So literally, a no-effort nail art. You’d need though nail stencils! I used READ MORE

glitter nails glitter nail art

DAY 15 – Summer Lightning Glitter nails Glitter nails, contrary to a popular belief, can be worn during the day. As long as it is balanced out by the darker shades and the pattern isn’t too girly. Like for instance, these Summer Lightning nails that I did for my Melbourne trip. I decided on a READ MORE

Scotch tape is a great way of achieving crisp lines in nail art, to make even simple designs really stand out. Here are 6 fabulous tape manicures designs which give an idea of what’s possible: Peach lightning bolt nail art by Nailside. Pastel laser beam design with a pastel gradient by Chalkboard Nails. Yellow, red READ MORE