Nail Art Tips

nail art lessons, nail art fashion week 2016

Nail Art Fashion Week 2016 is officially over! What a ride it’s been with so many fantastic manicures and new talented nail artists discovered and of course, useful nail art lessons learned along the way. The same like last year, so many of you have joined in! It was great to do this challenge together READ MORE

how to remove nail polish, ways to remove nail polish

Want to learn how to remove nail polish quickly and without damaging your nails? Easy, in this video tutorial we show you two ways to remove nail polish like a pro! Have you tried to remove a red or black nail polish and ended up with it stuck under your cuticles or smudged all over READ MORE

how to avoid bubbles in nail polish

Bubbles in nail polish, everyone gets them, no one likes them! It’s one of the most annoying things in nail art. Imagine, you’ve spent an hour perfecting those lines, your nail art looks beautiful and then… you see bubbles emerging, or worse, your top coat creates a storm of bubbles all over your flawless manicure READ MORE

Mei Kawajiri aka Nails By Mei ciaomanhattan2012

With pop art illustrations, miniature geometric prints, detailed portraits and 3D sculptures, nail designs created by Mei Kawajiri really justify the term ‘nail art’. In fact ‘nail fine art’ would be more appropriate to describe these hand painted, photo-realistic images painted without stencils or stickers. In 2012 Mei left her Tokyo salon to pursue her dreams in New READ MORE

glitter gradient manicure tips

The glitter gradient is by far the most popular festive manicure. No wonder, it looks fantastic and is an easy one to do. Things can get tricky though. Do you ever get bumps or clumps of glitter when doing glitter gradient manicures? Or maybe the gradient effect is not a smooth transition. I had those problems too READ MORE