How To Remove Nail Polish Like A Pro – 2 Ways

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Want to learn how to remove nail polish quickly and without damaging your nails? Easy, in this video tutorial we show you two ways to remove nail polish like a pro!

Have you tried to remove a red or black nail polish and ended up with it stuck under your cuticles or smudged all over your fingers? Ever had problems with removing glitter & ended up trying to scratch it off? Well, fear not nail art warriors! In today’s video tutorial I’ll show you how you can remove any kind of polish – glitter, red, black & even gel quickly and effortlessly. Oh, and it will leave your nails healthy and the skin around them clean and undamaged.

Plus, you’ll learn two ways to remove nail polish:

  • The 1st method works great on typical nail polish or nail art;
  • The 2nd method is perfect for removing glitter nail polish, extra-thick nail art & even some gels.

So grab your favourite nail polish remover and cotton pads and let’s get started!

Hit play to watch the tutorial now or watch it FULL screen here.

Photo: Adi Goodrich   Video Edits: Joseph Pole

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– Maria, xx

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