30 Easy Nail Art Designs e-book is available now!

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30 easy nail art designs and tutorials book by sonailicious site

The first SoNailicious e-book is finally here and available for download now!

30 Easy Nail Art Designs is your guide to creating flawless, one of a kind manicures at home!

This book includes pictorial nail art tutorials and step by step written instructions for 30 unique designs. Additionally, there are extra nail art tips and tricks to help you achieve flawless execution of all the projects. It is written to accommodate any level of experience. A beginner to a professional manicurists can use this book as a source of nailspiration and a guide to modern nail art techniques. There are also product suggestions for each nail design and tips on how to fix any (hopefully occasional) nail art mistakes. All the nail art featured here can be done without special equipment and most take less than 15 minutes to do.

Learning the 30 designs featured in this book will enable you to re-create almost any manicure you like! Whether you’ve seen it on a runway, Pinterest or one of your favorite blogs, you’ll be able to do it. Often the most complex nail art designs are just a combination of several simple techniques.

Get your copy of the 30 Easy Nail Art Designs e-book now by clicking the button below and give your nails the manicure that they deserve!

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What will I get?

  • 30 nail designs and tutorials for all levels – from beginner to advanced
  • Step-by-step photo tutorials and detailed written instructions for all nail designs, including those featured in SoNailicious Nails challenge
  • In total over 70 pages of nail designs tutorials, tips and tricks to help you to create flawless, one of a kind manicures at home
  • Tips for flawless execution of ALL the nail art projects
  • Designs suitable for short nails
  • Designs for different occasions: day, night, work, date, Valentine’s Day – you name it!
  • Product breakdown for each nail design and product suggestions
  • Tricks for fixing nail art mistakes

This book is for…

…everyone who wants their nails to look fabulous! Its for any age, gender, level of expertise and interest in nail art.

  • Do you want your nails to look nice and well groomed?
  • Do you want to learn how to do nails for special occasions at home with a level of precision that will make them look like they were done in a salon?
  • Do you want to learn nail painting techniques that will allow you to re-create any nail art you like?

Then, 30 Easy Nail Art Designs is your book!

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Can I preview the book?

Yes, here’s a few pages to give you an idea on how it all looks like. In the book, all pages are A4 size filled with high resolution full colour photography to show you the most intricate details of the featured nail designs.

nail designs and nail tutorial book previewAdd to Cart

How will I use this book? Do I need a special e-reader?

30 Easy Nail Art Designs is a PDF e-book that you can download and read on your laptop, smartphone or tablet with the free Adobe PDF Reader. To use it anywhere, whether you’re travelling or on a lunch break, save the book on your laptop, iPhone or tablet by syncing it through iBooks! You can even print out a hard copy to keep it next to your polishes as a referral guide.

Note: the book looks better in full colour, as colours are crucial to some of the manicures.

Money back guarantee

If you are not satisfied with the 30 Easy Nail Art Designs PDF book after 60 days just let me know and I’ll refund your money, no questions asked – that’s how confident we’re that you’ll enjoy this book.

Buy it today and save!

The 30 Easy Nail Art Designs e-book is ready for you to download at just $14.50 USD today.
Buy it now by hitting the button below and give your nails a manicure that they deserve, at home!
nail designs and nail tutorials bookPayment is handled securely via PayPal – you don’t need an account to purchase. You can pay via PayPal or Credit Card and download immediately your copy of the book. You will also receive 2 emails from SoNailicious with your receipt and your download link for the e-book. Please check your spam folder if you don’t receive them within 15 minutes. If you have any questions, feel free to email me, Maria directly at editor@sonailicious.com.

30 Easy Nail Art Designs will help you to create flawless, one of a kind, fabulous manicures at home, no special nail art tools are required, easy and quick!

Note: join the SoNailicious Affiliates here to earn commission on any sales that you generate on this e-book.

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