10 Easy Nail Designs For Beginners

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Born and raised in Southern California, Jessica Montes-Byles @lalalovenailart was forced to stay indoors because of an ankle injury. That’s how her passion for nail art began. Jessica is living proof that nail art can be done well by anyone. You just need to find the style that suits your expertise. As long as you enjoy the process, you’ll nail it! Enjoy! – Maria, xx

10 easy nail designs for beginners

You don’t have to be a pro, or spend tons of cash to have fabulous nails. Nail art has ZERO boundaries! You can start with an accent nail, a double accent nail, or have a different design on all 10 nails. The possibilities are endless, but the key is to have fun.

Here are 10 Easy Nail Designs for Beginners:

  1. Bling: Need a little sparkle in your life? Use rhinestones on one accent nail for the perfect amount of bling.
  2. Single Chevron: This is the perfect alternative to a French manicure. It’s work appropriate without being too conservative.
  3. Acrylic paints: Made a mistake? Hand sanitizer removes acrylic paint while leaving your base polish intact.
  4. Double accent nail: Can’t decide which design to do for your accent nail? Make it a double for a fun look.
  5. Hearts: Fold a piece of tape in half and cut a half heart to create a stencil for the perfect heart. Follow this Valentine’s Day nails tutorial.
  6. Chevrons: Anything chevron is on trend right now. Add it to an accent nail to spruce up any mani.
  7. Nail charms: Jewelry for your nails? Yes please!! Use nail glue for a longer lasting hold.
  8. Tape Mani: Want straight clean lines? Use tape or striping tape to create this look just like a pro.
  9. Floral: Too scared to hand paint a flower? Use dried flowers instead to create the perfect floral design.
  10. Negative space: This is a fun way to create depth while only using one color polish. Plus it looks so chic!

Have fun guys! If you’ll try these easy nail designs, make sure you tag Jessica @lalalovenailart and @So_Nailicious in your photo on Instagram/Twitter.

We would absolutely love to see your work!

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