Jurlique Love Balm: Miracle in a Little Can

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jurlique love balm for extra dry skin

Allow me to introduce our little friend, Jurlique Love Balm. While usually I’m pretty low maintenance with my hand care routine, ie. hand cream, cuticle oil and occasional masks, sometimes this is just not enough to keep your hands in a tip top condition. Like the recent SoNailicous HQ move! Packing and unpacking dozens of boxes, not to mention gale force winds, affected my hands badly. Chapped dry skin, redness and cracked cuticles, what a trifecta! I was mortified from just looking at my hands. Despite moisturizing 10 times a day (not exaggerating!) my hands kept looking… horrible. Wish I’d worn protective gloves during the move, but we all have 20/20 vision in hindsight.

So when unpacking yet another box, I spotted a little can with an appealing statement on it’s lid “Give your skin the moisture it deserves” and decided to give it a go. I applied Jurlique Love Balm generously before I went to bed and it transformed my hands overnight. Out of all the creams I’ve tried, the only thing that helped my hands to come back to their original condition was this little balm. Amazed at how effective this balm is, I had to let you know guys about it too. So if you (ie. your super dry hands) ever in need for some urgent help, you’ll know too which product to go to.

As always, a detailed review below.

jurlique love balmjurlique love balm reviewjurlique love balm reviewClaim:
Moisturises, softens and protects dry or chapped skin.

Yes, Jurlique Love Balm is super moisturising and softening. Not sure about protective qualities as it’s not quite absorbing completely and leaves your hands a bit greasy looking. So you can’t really do anything with even slightly greasy hands. But if to use it overnight or on areas like lips (in windy cold weather) or just cuticles (for extra nourishment), it’s absolutely perfect!

Formula: Thick balm formula that contains Vitamin E and a number of great natural flower extracts known for their soothing and healing qualities, such as chamomile, rosa, calendula, daisy as well as olive, soybean and safflower oils.

Verdict: Fantastic softening product for extra dry or damaged skin. Perfect for chapped lips, cuticles and other extra dry areas. Not suitable as a day-time treatment for hands but perfect for as an overnight super-moisturizing product.

Available: Jurlique Love Balm is available in Australia $16 – here; in the USA $8 – here.

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What are your thoughts about Jurlique Love Balm? Have you tried it? What treatments for extra dry skin do you use?

– Maria, xx

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