Dance Legend Malta 89 Review & Cleopatra Nails

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dance legend malta 29 review, teal nail polish

I fell in love with Dance Legend Malta nail polishes at first sight. Any nail polish addict will understand what I’m talking about, when you see a colour that appeal to you so strongly that you can’t resist it.

That was the case with the Malta collection for me. Muted, dark cremes with not just shimmer but gold dust! It covers nails very evenly and instead of the sparkly effect that shimmer adds, gold dust adds a stylish new dimension to the colour. That effect is exemplified in the Dance Legend Malta 89 teal nail polish I’m showcasing today.

Read the full review below to find out more about this beauty!

dance legend malta 89 review, teal nailsdance legend malta review teal nail polish


  • Formula: Very easy to apply, richly pigmented, 3-free.
  • Application: 2 coats for full coverage. It’s not a thick polish so you need to be careful not to pick up too much on the brush. Even with the gold dust, it evens out perfectly without any streaks or imperfections. Always shake the bottle well before use to make sure the gold dust is distributed evenly. I had to re-do pinky and shook the bottle well before painting it and you can see in the photos it is more golden than the ring finger.
  • Finish: Glossy creme – pictured plain nails without a top coat! With a top coat, the gold dust becomes more prominent as you can see from the nail art photos.
  • Brush: Good, mid thickness (between OPI and Essie) brush.
  • Wearability: Without a top coat it lasted 2 days chip free, with a top coat 4 days.
  • Nail Art: Perfect for any kind of nail art or on its own.

teal and gold nail artteal and gold nails dance legend malta 89cute teal and gold nail artcleopatra nails

Cleopatra Nails: these gold and teal nails were done free hand. First, using ORLY Lux the gold triangle (chevron) details were painted over teal, then black lines were added using striping nail art brush.

Nail Polish Overall Impression: Dance Legend Malta 89 is more than just typical teal nail polish, the addition of the gold dust makes it a statement shade. The muted teal colour makes Malta 89 perfect for day time and with addition of nail art details it’s perfect for evening. In low light it looks almost blue-grey and with direct sunlight it comes alive with shimmering gold and bright teal.

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Availability: online, Dance Legend Malta 89 and SNB rings.

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