Bio Sculpture

Bio Sculpture Rock and Crystal nail collection winter 2013

We’re excited to announce that one of our favorite nail polish brands, Bio Sculpture, is launching their new Winter 2013 (if you’re in Australia) collection  – The Rock and Crystal! The new Rock and Crystal nail collection is inspired by the rich colours of natural minerals and gemstones. This range perfect complements the luxe metallics READ MORE

ombre nails

DAY 18 – Summer Sunset Ombre nails Ombre nails were one of the biggest nail trends of 2012 and their popularity is only increasing in 2013. No wonder, ombre nails are so uniquely beautiful and the colour palette is enormous! From statement neon ombre nails to classic beige or black for the day. As for READ MORE

moon nails

DAY 13 – Blue Moon nails Moon nails is one of the oldest type of manicures. Right now it’s incredibly popular again. A classic moon nails look includes two contrasting shades, for instance, nude for moons and dark cherry for the nail. However, we did our own a bit dressier version. Instead of the usual READ MORE

chevron nails don't mess with me

In nature yellow and black cover the animals you don’t want to mess with. Colour theorists have recognised this and advertisers have used this to represent strength and power in advertising and logos. We just wanted to try chevron nails and thought it was a nice colour combo to accentuate with silver glitter. The result READ MORE

What are gel nails? Being a fan of all things natural I didn’t know what they were either. Until recently that is when I was offered to test drive the new Bio Sculpture gel nail system. The results exceeded my expectations. In short, gel nails are a professional glossy nail covering that lasts a few weeks. Layers of READ MORE