Bio Sculpture Gel Nails – Review

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gel nailsWhat are gel nails? Being a fan of all things natural I didn’t know what they were either. Until recently that is when I was offered to test drive the new Bio Sculpture gel nail system. The results exceeded my expectations.

In short, gel nails are a professional glossy nail covering that lasts a few weeks. Layers of gel are applied to the natural nail and cured for about 30 seconds each layers under a UV or LED lamp. The nails are dry to touch once they are cured.

Want to know more? Read the positives & negatives of gel nails below.

bio sculpture gel nails Positives:

  • instantly dry and smudge proof
  • very glossy, vibrant finish
  • strong and natural looking nails
  • you can change the colour by simply painting over your gel nails with nail polish
  • endless nail art possibilities: some gels, like Bio Sculpture Gel for example, can have nail art embedded (feathers, studs, glitter or foil)  into the gel
  • it lasts up to 3 weeks on fingers and 8 weeks on toes – WITHOUT chipping! (I’m a fidgety person but regardless of how many times I picked at my gel nails, they remained in perfect condition)
  • specific to Bio Sculpture gel nails: it is applied with no primers or bonders so there is no de-hydration of the natural nail
  • good gel manicure can actually protect and strengthen the natural nail, especially if you have dry nails prone to chipping


  • you can’t do it at home
  • some gels can damage and de-hydrate your nails
  • it takes about 30 minutes to apply (this is the fastest with the new Bio Sculpture LED lamp, while usually it takes over an hour)
  • it costs something around $50 and some salons charge for removal around $20
  • it takes about 15 minutes to remove gel nails and it’s an involved process (which we’ll show you in one of our future posts)

what are gel nails

Conclusion: perfect for those who want great looking, healthy and accurate nails for a long period of time without having to worry about re-applying nail polish. If that’s you and you’re willing to invest some $$ and time It’s well worth having this manicure done.

Note: I tried Bio Sculpture gel nails and was satisfied with the result. My nails appeared to look fine after removing the gel. However, I can’t confirm that other gels will have the same effect (ie. no negative effect). So choose carefully which brand to use.

In Sydney and nationally you can find your nearest Bio Sculpture Gel salon here.

Disclaimer: this is not a sponsored post. All opinions expressed are our own.

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