Wildflower Nails. Plus, How-To

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Wildflower nails

Looking for a fresh summer nail art idea? You should try these Wildflower nails! They look so beautiful and take only 10 minutes to do! Say what?

Yes, 10 minutes or maybe even less! The secret is that I used some of the new SoNailicious stickers to create this delicate floral nail design. The intricate flower pattern looks particularity beautiful set over the calm matte nude base, vibrant yet calm this manicure is perfect for summer.

To get the look: simply apply a few of Midsummer Wildflower nail stickers (new style) over nude nail polish, smooth them with a silicone tool for flawless application, then add a layer of a matte top coat to secure it all. That’s it! No smudged lines, no stamping, no mess, hassle… 10 minutes and you’re done! Just what you need to speed up your summer nail art.

Now, the exciting news!

The new Floral Rhapsody collection, including the featured Midsummer Wildflower stickers and more new gorgeous styles, is launching this Wednesday, on 19/06/2019. The new floral nails stickers are nothing like you’ve seen before! They are full colour, ultra thin and made from a bio-degradable silicone – eco-friendly! They will make your summer manicures easy and pleasant like a sea breeze. As you see from the photos, these nail stickers are literally undetectable on nails. So no one will ever guess it how you’ve created such a beautiful, flawless manicure yourself unless you tell them… But let’s keep this secret between us, nail art warriors!

I can’t wait to show you the entire new Floral Rhapsody collection and hear what you think of it. So make sure to come back on SoNailicious.com this Wednesday, 19/06/2019, to be the first to see and shop the new range!

UPDATE: the NEW Floral Rhapsody stickers are now available! See and shop all the new nail sticker styles here.

wildflower nailssummer flower nails


Now, over to you!

How do you like the idea of these intricate Wildflower nails?

And the main question, are you excited to see the new Floral Rhapsody collection? Only 2 more days till it’s revealed!

– Maria, xx

UPDATE: the NEW Floral Rhapsody stickers are now available! Shop all the new nail sticker collection here.

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