Nails Of Instagram: Top 10 Celebrity Manicurists To Follow

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Madonna. Nails by @Naominailsnyc
The impeccable Anne Hathaway Oscars manicure by @TomBachik
A shadow French manicure by @MissPopNails
Nails by Leah!
Mia Wasikowska Vogue Australia, nails by @FionaHay
Frost bitten nails at Thom Browne by @JulieKNailsNYC
Nail pimping by @Sophynails
3D nails by @BritneyTokyo
Unikorn nails by @BritneyTokyo
Safari nails for Lily Allen by @Naominailsnyc
Psychedelic nails by @eichi_matsunaga
Feather nails by @eichi_matsunaga

Do you know the best way to get updates on the hottest celebrity manicures waaaay before they make it to print or online media? It’s by following celebrity manicurists on Instagram! You can see what kind of nails Miley Cyrus or Rhianna are getting before their nails even get dry! You’ll see what manicures will be trending on the runways of New York, Milan and Paris before they even know names of the models who’ll be walking the runway.

But it’s not celebrity gossip that makes following these guys so addictive, they provide tons of nail-spiration, nail care advice and you’ll get a sneak peek into the life of a celebrity manicurist. That involves attending quite a few A-list parties, flying across the ocean just to paint Heidi’s nails and playing with the hottest due-to-launch polish shades. Dream job!

1. Who: Tom @TomBachik, US
Why follow: Easily the most handsome MAN-icurist out there Tom is also Global Nail Artist for L’Oreal Paris. Heidi Klum nails? Tick. Jennifer Lopez nails? Tick. Jessica Simpson? Yep.

2. Who: Simcha Whitehill @MissPopNails, US
Why follow: Nail news and manicures from New York fashion week runways and tons of editorials. Remember the black and gold at Alice & Olivia and the spikey half moon nails at Emerson? That’s Simcha’s work!

3. Who: Sophy Robson @SophyNails, UK
Why follow: Sophy is more than just a celebrity manicurist, she’s a celebrity herself. She worked on numerous high profile campaigns including Rimmel famous Mod ads and painted Miranda Kerr, Cara Delevigne and Dita Von Teese ‘s nails. Sophy’s style is unmistakable – stilettos, bright colours and lots of nail jewellery.

4. Who: Leah Light @NailsByLeah, New Zealand
Why follow: Leah has perfected gradient nails like no one else, Katy Perry, Taylor Swift, Lorde and even Pamela Anderson – yep, they all get their nails done with Leah.

5. Who: Fiona Hay @FionaHay, Australia
Why follow: Australian Orly Ambassador and celebrity manicurist Fiona Hay’s work can be seen in every Vogue Australia lately. Her most recent work? The impeccable Mia Wasikowska on the cover of Vogue. Before that there were the famous neon and chrome nails for Seal.

6. Who: Naomi Yasuda @NaomiNailsNYC, US
Why follow: Her precision work and unique designs made Naomi one of the top celebrity manicurists in the world. Madonna, Lilly Allen, Amanda Lepore and Kenzo – just to name a few of Naomi’s clients. She likes long nails and bling, but when it comes to a classic manicure she nails it too. Example? The recent Revlon campaign.

7. Who: Julie Kandalec @JulieKNailsNYC, US
Why follow: From Cosmpolitan covers to New York Fashion Week, Julie has nailed it all! One of her most remarkable works – the frost bitten nail for Thom Browne show.

8. Who: Britney Tokyo @BritneyTokyo, US
Why follow: Originally from Japan, Britney now nails in Hollywood. Magazine covers, TV shows and she even designed her own range of nail wraps. Her signature style is lots and lots of nail bling. Often 10 different kinds combined in one look.

9. Who: Sabrina Gayle @NailedBySG, UK
Why follow: Magazine editorials, fashion weeks and campaigns for Harrods, Rimmel and the likes, Sabrina is one of the top UK session manicurists for a reason. On Instagram she shares her own unique designs, backstage photos, completed editorials and tons of nailspiration.

10. Who: Eichi Matsunaga @Eichi_Matsunaga, Japan
Why follow: Eichi’s work is one of a kind! Well, he is from Japan where nail art is a university degree! His techniques are impeccable, the colour combinations are amazing and he does a lot of creative yet wearable nail art too. Feather nails anyone?

Now over to you!

Are you following any celebrity or professional manicurists on Instagram? Who are your favorites?

– Maria, xx

PS. Make sure you follow SoNailicious Instagram – especially, if you want to see some beautiful nail art ;)

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