Funky Love Valentine’s Day Nail Art – Tutorial

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valentines day nail art tutorial 1

Valentine’s Day nail art, it might seem like we’ve seen (and done) it all. But then someone comes up with another great design and you feel the urge to try and to create something new. That was the case with these ‘Funky Love‘ nails. After checking out #SoNailiciousValentines tag feed and seeing all the amazing nail designs you guys created, I couldn’t resist putting together one more look.

These Valentine’s Day nails are based on these Kenzo Eye nails. The presence of an eye and a heart in this design has a meaning – we fall in love with our eyes and then our hearts. Also, I wish to bring your attention to the half moon details on the pinky and thumb nails. It’s a completely new idea that is interesting on it’s own, ie. stripey nails with rainbow half moons, anyone?

Anyhow, in the tutorial below I show how to do all five nails and leave it up to you whether to re-create this look in full or just a part of it.

valentines day nail art tutorial


  1. Paint all nails except the ring finger with 2 coats of opaque white nail polish. Paint ring with 2 coats of blue polish.
  2. Using a liner nail art brush paint thin stripes with black nail polish.
  3. Using a detailing brush paint white eye and pink heart details.
  4. With a black polish, outline the heart and add details to the eye (lashes and pupil).
  5. Using the liner brush to paint pink and blue half moon details on thumb and pinky nails. Paint the pink french tip and blue half moon detail  on your ring finger.
  6. Let your design dry for a few minutes, clean up around cuticles where required with an angled brush and seal the deal with two layers of clear glossy top coat. It will also look great mattified. Done!

funky town valentines nailscool valentines day nailsstripes valentines day nail art

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Hope you enjoyed this Funky Love nails look!

Whether you try this one or you’ve done your own Valentines Day nails, why not show it to me? Use the tag #SoNailiciousValentines. I’d LOVE to see and feature your work in our traditional Valentine’s Day round-up!

– Maria, xx

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