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vogue nails, lilac nails, striping tape nail artVogue is usually associated with the upper end of the market so there’s a certain irony that these V Is Vogue nails are created with some of the cheapest polishes you can find in Australia. Ulta3 are just $2 AUD per bottle but the quality is amazing. The shades are so attractive that it’s difficult to avoid picking up a bottle or two or… ten. Especially if like us, you’re an undiagnosed nail polish addict.

The shades used in today’s V is Vogue nails design are from Ulta3’s recently released collection. Of course we couldn’t resist creating some nail art that would incorporate a couple of the new shades.

Scroll down to read the how to!

vogue nails 1ulta3 Lilac Bloom, Ulta3 Lollypop Lilac.ulta3 Lilac Bloom, Ulta3 Lollypop Lilac nail polish.striping tape nail art ulta3HOW TO:

  1. Paint 2 coats of dark lilac polish (Ulta3 Acapulco Bliss) on all nails and let it dry.
  2. Using striping tape create the double V pattern on each nail and paint over the V-shape with light lilac (Ulta3 Lilac Bloom) and over the little triangle in the middle with rose glitter (Lollypop Lilac).
  3. Accurately remove striping tape with tweezers and seal your nail art with a generous layer or two of top coat.

Used: Ulta3 Acapulco Bliss, Lilac Bloom and Lollypop Lilac.

How do you like these Vogue Nails? Have you done any nail art with striping tape recently?

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