Upgraded French Manicure Tutorial

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french manicureIn 1978 Jeff Pink, the founder of ORLY invented and patented the Original French Manicure. For a long time this look was one of the most advanced things you could do for your nails. The arrival of new colours on the market in the last decade and the recent nail art trend have changed perception of a creative manicure dramatically. However, French manicure is still here! Now it is one of the most popular bridal manicures and the choice of those who want to try something different on their nails but not too extravagant. The huge variety of nail polish shades and finishes currently on the market mean there are even more options for experimenting with the classic French look.

Today’s Upgraded French Manicure incorporates both the Original French manicure and art deco half moon nails, also known as a reverse French manicure. We opted for contrasting shades of dark plum and bright peach instead of traditional nude and white tipped french nails. To take things even further, we did a reverse colour combination on alternating fingers.

The nail art tutorial for this design can be used as a guide on how to do a french manicure at home and also how to do a reverse french manicure. Plus, we’ll show you two ways of doing it depending on what nail art tools you have at home and how steady your hand is.


french manicure tutorial

1. Paint index and ring finger in peach shade and the rest in dark plum.

Now, there are two ways of doing it:

1st Method: using French manicure stripes.

2. Wait till the first layer touch dry and apply french manicure stripes as pictured.

3. Paint the tips and at the nail bed, accurately remove the stripes. Done!

2nd Method: using detailing nail art brush*.

4. Paint a thin line on the tip using nail polish brush. It was quite convenient to do with Sally Hansen Complete manicure brishes as they are flat and allow to draw a perfect line without any troubles.

5. With a nail art brush, paint the half moon details by first outlining the curve and then filling it in with the polish.

6. Wait a few minutes for the nail polish to dry (clean up around cuticles while waiting) and paint a layer or two of quick drying top coat.

* You can use a soft eyeliner brush instead of a nail art brush.

beautiful french manicurereverse french manicure designs 1

 Used: Essie Grow Stronger base, Sally Hansen Complete Manicure 380 Peach of Cake, 640 Plum Luck, Diamond Flash top coat and French Manicure stencils.

How do you like this Upgraded French Manicure look? Have you tried experimenting with the French nails look?

As always, whether you will use this Upgraded French Manicure tutorial or invent your own French nails design, make sure you show us!  Tweet or Instagram us a photo with a tag #sonailicious, we’d LOVE to see it!

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