The Best Treatment For Brittle and Damaged Nails: Nailactan!

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Do you have dry, brittle or damaged nails? Then this nail cream is just what Doctor SoNailicious ordered. Drum roll… Mavala Nailactan! If you’ve been following me for a while you know that I’m a huge fan of this Swiss nail care brand. They have so many fantastic specialised nail care products that I love and use daily. And what not to love? All Mavala products are toxin-free and highly effective. For someone who has naturally weak and brittle nails, that grow painfully slowly and are occasionally being subjected to various and not always happy-end experiments, to find a range that can help to overcome every nail insecurity and quickly recover from any nail damage (from tests!) is a life- nail-changing event.

I have even added a few of my favourite Mavala nail care products to the SoNailicious Boutique line up, so you can access them too!

Anyways, back on the subject of Mavala Nailactan… this nail cream helps to moisturize, nourish and straighten brittle, dry and damaged nails. It’s the perfect nail care product for anyone with nails prone to breaking and also for those who is trying to repair their nails after acrylics or any other nail damage.

I’ve been using Nailactan for almost a year, so I certainly can weight in on whether this nail cream is effective or not, and how to use it best to achieve maximum results.

Read my full, detailed review below to find out…

mavala nailactan reviewthe best treatment for damaged nailsmavala nailactan reviewClaim:

Mavala says: Nailactan is composed of essential amino acids, lipids and kerato-balancing vitamins. Its nourishing and moisturizing action restores elasticity to the nail plate, improves its general condition and makes nails more resistant to splitting.”


Very easy to use. Apply Nailactan daily at bed-time onto nail root and massage in. Can be applied on manicured nails.


Nailactan is a biological complex of essential amino acids such as glycine, tyrosine, lipides and kerato-balancing vitamins. It fights dryness and helps restore elasticity to the nail plate, thus strengthening nails.


I’ve been using Nailactan for almost a year now and I can definitely confirm that this nail cream helps to improve damaged nails health and make them stronger and less brittle. Here’s what I’ve found:

  • Easy to use. Most of nail creams require you to apply them on bare nails, which is not an option for me. I always have at least 2 coats of nail strengthener on, because my nails are naturally very weak and I have to protect them at all times. So the fact that you can use Nailactan over manicured nails is a great bonus for me.
  • Toxin Free formula. Just like all Mavala products, Nailactan is free from parabens and other toxic chemicals that can be found in some beauty products. Which is great, because a nail strengthener is a product that be would be applied on your nails daily for weeks, months or even years and you don’t want to be rubbing in some toxic cocktail.
  • Accessible. In Australia it’s hard to find good, specialised nail care in retail shops. Fortunately for us (Australians) Mavala has now an online shop, so you can now order any nail care product here and have it delivered to their doorsteps. I have also added Nailactan (how I could not?!) to the SoNailicious Boutique nail care range, so you can get it from there if you like.
  • Strengthening Effect. Mavala Nailactan does not work immediately. I’d recommend to use it for at least 3 weeks to feel and see the real difference. It will nourish and moisturise your nails, thus, making them stronger. Nails that are not brittle do not break!
  • Economical. You’d only need a tiny amount of Nailactan to apply on nails on both hands, so the cream is very economical and will last for a while. Also, Nailactan acts as an excellent cuticle moisturiser. So by using Nailactan you will save some $$$ and time, because you won’t need to buy or apply a cuticle cream and a nail strengthener separately.
  • On a negative side, this nail cream is a bit expensive – USD $25.90. But considering it’s highly effective, toxin-free and very economical, it’s really worth it.

Extra Notes #1: Mavala Nailactan does not smell! Which is great, because it means it does not contain any harmful synthetic fragrances.

Extra Notes #2: Mavala Nailactan has a thick and slightly greasy formula, which is fine for a rich, nutritious cream. However, I’d suggest to use it strictly as per instructions – before your bed time, not during the day.

Extra Notes #3: If you’re trying to repair your damaged nails after gel, shellac or acrylics, Mavala Nailactan is an excellent treatment to incorporate into your recovering routine. You’ll be amazed on how fast and strong your thinned nails will become.

the best treatment for damaged nails

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Availability: in Australia – $31.95 AUD here, internationally – $25.90 USD here or via your local Mavala counter.

Over to you!

Have you ever considered using a nail cream to strengthen your nails? And, what do you think about Mavala Nailactan – have you ever tried it or keen to try it?

– Maria, xx

P.S. This is not a sponsored post, neither our opinions were influenced by a brand in any way. Read our disclosure policy here.

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