Top 10 Nail Bloggers – Russian Edition

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While in Russia we were surprised how popular nail art is over there. Entire shops dedicated to nail art supplies and nail art are not niche, they are a very popular trend that made it to the streets. You can spot amazing nail designs almost anywhere – on a random girl in metro, a cashier in a grocery shop, a bank officer and, of course the abundance of fantastic nails you can sport when you’re going out…

Naturally, there are so many fantastic nail bloggers in Russia. So if you’re looking for some fresh ideas, new nail polish brands or new nail blogs to add to your blog roll, here are 10 top nail bloggers to follow:

1. Anastasia of Zapiski Lakogolika (Diaries of Polishaholic)
Illamasqua Baptiste

2. Elena of PolishMadness
polish madness blog
3. Natalia of  Mirma-Natalia
mirma natalia nail blog
4. Natalia of NailBamboo
nail bamboo nail blog
5. Nika of Obo Vsem Po Nemnojku (A Little Bit About Everything). Nika writes not only about nails but also make-up and general beauty.
Silver and white nails

The next fivebloggers are not exactly from Russia but from former USSR republics which are now separate countries – Ukraine & Kazakhstan. However, a lot of Russians live in Ukraine and Kazakhstan as well as Ukrainians and Kazakhs live in Russia… but let’s leave the particulars of national identity to politicians. We’re here to enjoy the art of manicure! This Top 10 list would be incomplete without theses blogs full of impeccable swatches, interesting posts (if you can read Russian) and outstanding photography!

6. Irina of Zebra-nails
ferrari nails
beauty blog po leninski
nails anna gorelova
teal nails
10 . Katerina of My passion… hails from Kazakhstan.

dance legend holographic polish 1

How do you like this selection? Have you heard of these nail blogs before? If so, which one if your favorite? And, of course, do let us know in the comments if we missed your favorite blogger!

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