Top 8 Prom Nail Ideas to Suit Any Dress

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Everything happens on prom night. Remember Pretty In Pink? Where Andie, Molly Ringwald’s character, spends half of the movie preparing for her prom and at the end it pays off. She is the coolest girl in a coolest dress and the boy of her dreams understands she’s the one. The only problem is they don’t show much of Andie’s prom nails. Are they pink, white or maybe a glitter gradient? I guess that isn’t the point of the movie but in real life, when you’re getting ready for prom EVERYTHING is important and you want to look your best. From head to nails, of course! So today Mandy from Nails & Threads, our prom nails expert from Canada, presents her top 8 prom nail picks. Enjoy! – Maria, xx

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You’re almost there… Your prom is only a few days away! So you’ve found the perfect dress, all the matching accessories and decided on your hair. What’s left? Nails, of course!

So whether you’re going for a Greek goddess or fairytale princess look, here are some of the best prom nail ideas to suit any dress:

  1. Chrome has been one of the hottest trends this year so this manicure is sure to turn heads. The mirror finish silver nails would suit girls who like understated chic yet still want to make a statement.
  2. For the girls that are wearing blue, green or navy, this unique peacock feather nail design would suit perfectly. For a more subdued look, try this design on an accent finger alone.
  3. The Ruffian manicure is a very elegant and classic look that adds just the right amount of detail. This design is so versatile and can be done in any colour combination to suit your dress.
  4. For a different take on gradient nails, instead of glitter use rhinestones of varying sizes. This luxurious nail design would look particularly great worn with feminine flowing dresses.
  5. Textured polish is another big trend of the year. These blue prom nails with quilted textured effect would look fantastic in any colour. If desired, textured polish can be substituted with glitter.
  6. A classic glitter gradient is a great prom manicure option because it’s easy to do and it always looks great! And another bonus, can be done in any colour you like to suit your dress!
  7. One of the sleekest colour combinations is black and gold. These Gatsby Inspired prom nails would be perfect for ladies with black or gold dresses, and even Roaring 20’s themed proms.
  8. For something edgy try the modern take on classic French manicure with black and holographic tips and nude base.

If you’re graduating this year – congratulations and hope this post inspired you to try one of these looks! If you have already graduated, do you remember your prom nails? What did you do? Come on ladies, share!

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