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Instagram hashtags

Let’s talk about Instagram hashtags… “Oh, what? Hashtags?!” I know, I know that may not sound very exciting. But truth to be told, hashtags on Instagram are everything! You can get more likes, more followers or even get featured, but that will only happen only if you use hashtags correctly. I spoke previously in this Instagram tips READ MORE

how to take great Instagram photos

How do you take your Instagram photos? – one of the most frequently asked questions I get on my Insta and it’s a very important one! After running a series of Social Media For Business seminars in Australia* and reviewing hundreds of Instagram accounts, I came to the conclusion that there are two main components that READ MORE

14 best instagram tips, do's and don'ts

Here is the newest installment in our Instagram Tips series. Things change quickly on social media so there’s always something new to report. I recently wrote an article on growing your Instagram following over at the Beauty Directory Australia (BDA) website. But since not all of you guys can access BDA, I thought I’d share READ MORE

facebook nail polish 1

On this side of the world, we’ve been busy attending the Sydney International Spa and Beauty Expo while on the other side of the world in California, Facebook starts selling their own branded nail polish. Yes that’s right, Facebook nail polish! The nail polish is called “Social Butterfly Blue” and it doesn’t have the widely READ MORE