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First of all thank you all for your kind messages and support! It’s strange how quickly your life can turn completely upside down. However, reading your kind messages and having supportive friends and family has been very uplifting. Some of you were even brave enough to share your personal stories with me. So I decided to READ MORE


“Tough times never last but tough people do…” That’s been my motto for the last 2 weeks. But when my husband, Joseph finally returned home after a very difficult emergency operation, the news was not quite what we expected. One terrible word that no one wants to hear: Cancer. Ahead of us is 6 months READ MORE

glitter gradient purple nails by @sonailicious

March 2015 will be full on here at SoNailicious. We’ve got exciting new features coming in addition to our regular tutorials and interviews, plus there’s two huge announcements to make! Today’s manicure pretty much sets the mood for March. This nail art carries an important message. Remember our Stop The War peaceful protest? The support READ MORE

Pink Ribbon Nails breast cancer awareness

Pink Ribbon Nails

Did you know that just in Australia, around 50 women are diagnosed with breast cancer every day? That is 18,000 every year. Think about these numbers – this is just here. How many in the world? Anyone can get it. Many of us have relatives or friends who’ve fought cancer. So this post is to READ MORE

First of all massive thank you to everyone that joined our peaceful protest against war! It was brave and kind of you to stand up and voice your opinion. Over 100 people joined our protest. Some of you created manicures to support this cause (scroll through the gallery to see some of the best), others simply READ MORE