toxic chemicals in cosmetics to avoid

Editor’s Note: It all started on one rainy evening when I had a dinner date with my friend Liv, a professional makeup artist. She specialises in natural cosmetics. I was complaining about strange things happening to my skin and when I told what brand of skincare I was using, she laughed, “No wonder it’s full READ MORE

Yes, the time has come – we’re looking for contributors and guest bloggers! Are you a nail blogger or Instagrammer looking to reach wider audiences? Maybe you’re a professional manicurist who would like to build their profile by sharing their tips with SoNailicious community? Perhaps you’ve recently discovered a nail care product that really works READ MORE

10 best beauty tips fashion week

New York Fashion Week is kicking off today. As someone who’s experienced the fashion week frenzy in real life, I can assure you it’s not all as glamorous and easy as it seems from the photos. It’s a hard work for everyone – designers, models, journalists and even harder for bloggers, who in some ways READ MORE