Australia bushfire catastrophe facts new south wales 2019 2020

As hard as it is for me to write this post, I have to share the shocking truth about the catastrophic Australian bushfires with you. There has been so much misinformation circulating in the media, that as an Australian and global citizen I feel it is my duty to present you the actual facts on READ MORE

australia fire 2020 nails

As much as I wished and hoped for a very Happy New Year sadly in Australia we entered the decade covered in ash… As you probably know, our country is being ravaged by the most devastating bushfires, with New South Wales, the state I live in, hit the most. Australia has a long history of READ MORE

nail art kits to help koalas, 10

Nail art warriors, the Limited Edition Koala Savior nail art kits are here! I put together these beautiful and very generous nail art kits to raise more funds to help the endangered koalas as well as all the unique and very vulnerable Australian wildlife affected by the terrible fires. If you’ve read this post than READ MORE

koala nails how to, how to paint koala on nails

How cute are these Koalas nails? Surprisingly (in a very sad way), this iconic Australian animal is now facing the danger of extinction… it’s hard for me to write this post, but I feel I have to share this with you! Catastrophic bushfires are raging through Australia and the blue Sydney skies turned brown with READ MORE

floral leopard nails

Leopard nails or Floral nails? Both, please! Two of the most popular nail art prints combined in one nail design look surprisingly chic. While gold foil flakes add a touch of luxury, matte finish tones it all down and allows the Leopard pattern and floral prints to stand out. I created these Floral & Leopard READ MORE