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sonailicious takes a tripSoNailicious takes a trip! Yay! To the other side of the world! Yay! Yay! Yay! Can you tell we’re excited?! We’re going to a few different countries and it’s extremely exciting for us since we’ll be visiting some of these countries for the first time. But leaving all the excitement aside, there are a few important things we’d like to tell you.

We’re taking this trip as an opportunity to show you different parts of the world from a nail polish enthusiast’s perspective. We’ll be getting to know local brands, bloggers and nail trends. All that and our nail of the day (NOTD) looks which will be based on whatever country we’re in. However, since we’ll be flying, driving and sailing across different borders our posting schedule will become irregular so please bear with us, dear friends :)

Now dear nailicious friends, the most important part! Where are we going? Abu Dhabi, Russia (Moscow and exotic Siberia), Greece and maybe Italy! Ta da! And, we would absolutely love to get your suggestions and recommendations for these countries on:

  1. best local brands unique to the country,
  2. best local manicurists, nail bloggers and nail art enthusiasts (maybe they just have Instagram account), still we’d LOVE to know,
  3. best iconic places to visit, and…
  4. best places to shop of course! We’d like to buy and try those new unique nail polishes.

So don’t be shy, comment, comment or email me at editor @ sonailicious.com with your suggestions! The more the merrier – if you want to suggest yourself or your brand, go ahead! We may even get to meet and interview you in person!

Maria,  xx

PS. Make sure to follow us on Twitter and Instagram for real time updates from our trip!

    Our SoNailiciour Tour has now ended  – check all our posts from SoNailicious Takes A Trip series here.
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