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the polished perfectionistThe Polished Perfectionist. It’s difficult to imagine a better name for Martha’s nail blog. Flawless swatches, stunning, one of a kind nail art and always beautiful shades. Martha isn’t posting often – anytime from two to five days. But it’s the consistently high quality of every post that brings The Polished Perfectionist to the top of nail blogging community not only in their home country, The Netherlands but worldwide.

Today Martha is sharing her flawless nails secrets. So read on lovelies, a lot to learn!

Why nails?
For me it’s a simple, but effective way to look (and feel!) fabulous. I used to bite my nails for years. I had a couple of nail polishes, but nothing spectacular. Through a Dutch forum I discovered a lot of amazing nail polish colours and finishes. Having such pretty polishes on my nails helped me to stop biting. Finally!

Your favourite sweet treat?
Cake. I’m not picky, any cake will make my mouth water.

Favourite nail blogger?
Michèle from Lacquerized. She hasn’t blogged for a long time, but every once in a while I visit her blog to admire her gorgeous nails.

Nail care product you can’t live without?
Cuticle Balsam from Trind. I always apply a little bit on my cuticles and massage it in before I paint my nails.


the polished perfectionist, cirque, a england swatches

Favourite nail polish brand?
Judging from the emptiest bottles in my stash, that would be OPI – DS Glamour (1).

Favourite indie polish brand?
I can’t choose between a england and Cirque – metallic v french + love lapis (2)

Best luxury brand?
Koh Cosmetics (3).

Which brand has the best formula?
The a england nail polishes (she walks in beauty, 4) are a dream to apply.


the best nail art, the polished perfectionistFavourite colour combinations?
I love combining white and teal – dots ‘n’ roses teal version (the top image), but the combination of pink and mint green is also a big win in my book. Oh, and I shouldn’t forget silver and blue. Silver and blue together rock.

Favorite pattern/nail art trend?
Gradient nails – peacock inspired nails (2) and sponged glitter – Cirque Book of Shadows & Cirque XX (1) get me very excited. I’m also a big fan of accent nails!

What’s your best tip for painting your other hand?
Take your time and make sure you let both hands rest on the table for maximum stability.

How do you get inspired for your nail art?
I find inspiration in a lot of things. Animals, a drinking mug, canal houses in delft blue (3) or even one of my cakes – quilted purple nails (4).

Martha was interviewed  by Maria Vlezko in June 2013. All images – provided by Martha.

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