Sinful Colors review: Courtney Orange, HD Nails & Under 18

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sinful colors polish review 1Woohoo! Great news: The famous Sinful Colors have finally made it to Australia!!!

Sad news: most shops have already sold out. I was lucky to discover a stand with all the colors in at my local Target. Sometimes living away from civilization can work to your advantage.

As a true fan of all things shiny I picked up 3 shimmering shades: Courtney Orange – orange, #926 HD Nails – emerald and #298 Under 18 – red. They are very beautiful shimmering shades that go on your nails nicely. Swatches say it all! They would suit pale or tanned skin. Perfect for holidays and beyond!

However, I wouldn’t describe my experience with Sinful Colors as 100% satisfactory… Why?

Scroll down to read our review!

sinful colors nail polish courtney orangesinful colors review courtney orange

sinful colors emerald green HD nailssinful colors HD nails emerald green

sinful colors polish, red under 18sinful colors, shimmering red nail polishREVIEW:

Finish: Shimmer, very glossy.

Formula: Very sheer and quite liquid. To achieve full coverage you’d need at least 3 coats. It also takes very long time to dry even with a fast dry top coat. However, it slides on evenly without leaving strokes – a great thing for a shimmering polish.

Brush: Thin. It requires some skill to be able to apply it flawlessly.

Nail Art: great as a base, but not for tape manicures. I tried and all three polishes got attached to the sticky tape and came off my nails in flakes (that never happened to me before with any other polishes and I’ve tried many). Also, due to a very sheer formula, you most likely you won’t be able to use them to paint on other colors. However, these polishes would be great for gradient nail art.

Additional Notes: unfortunately Sinful Colors polish can stain your nails. That happened to me and the red polish produced the worst stains.

Sinful Colors shimmering polishes overall impression: Beautiful shimmer nail polish in stand out shades that is best used alone. Its downfalls are outweighed by low price and very pretty unique colours.

Available: $4.95 p/bottle in Australia from Target & Priceline, app. $1.99 in USA here.

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