The Best Drugstore Top Coat: Sally Hansen Diamond Flash

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Sally hansen diamond flash top coat review

After years of using every kind of nail polish under the sun I have found one thing to be true, if you don’t use a good topcoat you’re wasting your time. A good topcoat will add a professional finish to your manicure and make it last longer. If those 2 reasons aren’t enough, check out these 5 more reasons why top coat is essential post. The good news is that you don’t need to search for the best top coat any longer, because the best top coat is available in any drugstore. It’s Sally Hansen Diamond Flash!

Want to know more about this glossy wonder product? Read our full review below!

Sally hansen diamond flash fast dry top coat reviewSally hansen diamond flash top coat review

Claim: A fast drying, strengthening top coat that helps prevent nails breaking, provides brilliant shine and results in a long lasting manicure.

Reality: Manicure can last up to 5 days chip free with  Sally Hansen Diamond Flash top coat. Yes, it is super shiny and nails literally feel harder with this top coat. The top coat doesn’t shrink like some other top coats do (Seche Vite, we’re looking at you!). The application was super smooth and easy and yes, it dries super quickly. It’s touch dry in 2 minutes and you can walk out of the door in 5-10 minutes after you’ve finished your manicure.

Formula: The formula is 3-free and quite thin. However, the watery consistency allows for thinner coats meaning less of those pesky bubbles you get from thick top coats. After you used about half of the bottle it gets thicker which is quite normal for any polish or top coat.

Verdict: This is hands-down the best topcoat from a drugstore we have ever used. Fast drying and easy to apply, it results in a super glossy, long lasting professional looking manicure and it’s 3-free. The only concern about this top coat is the skinny brush, which makes it hard to get a good amount of coverage. Apart from that, it’s a fantastic product! Half manicures featured on SoNailicious were finished with this top coat and we can personally testify to its awesomeness!

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Availability: 13.3 ml  online – $6.99 US here; in Australia, $13.95 AUS  –  here via Priceline.

Have you tried Sally Hansen Diamond Flash top coat before? What is your favorite drugstore top coat?

Anna Gooden & Maria Vlezko

Photos by Maria Vlezko

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