Sally Hansen Cuticle Rehab: Your Pocket Sized Friend

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sally hansen cuticle rehab review

It might just be a nail polish nerd thing, but dry cuticles make me feel uncomfortable. Really uncomfortable.  I get more compliments on my nails than on my eyes… or anything else for that matter. To avoid dry cuticles, I moisturize them religiously. But even if you have all the best cuticle oils and creams at home, carrying a bottle of cuticle oil becomes problematic when you’re out and about.

So that’s when items like Sally Hansen Cuticle Rehab come in really handy! It’s compact, light and one swipe of this magic wand can rescue you from dreaded dry cuticles.

But can it really do that? Read our review to find out!

sally hansen cuticle rehab review

Claim: Sally Hansen Cuticle Rehab helps restore severely dry, ragged cuticles. Infused with Vitamin E, the intensely conditioning oil helps reduce nail breakage. It results in healthier-looking, smooth cuticles and shiny nails.

Reality: Application is easy and the formula is thick and more creamy than oil. It helps to smooth even very driest cuticles instantly. Another great thing about Sally Hansen Cuticle Rehab is that it’s not as oily as the usual cuticle oil and can be massaged untill fully absorbed. That makes this product perfect for nail photography (if you need to make your cuticles instantly look smooth without a shiny, greasy finish) and also for moisturising on the go.

Formula: The formula is superb. It contains a number of different natural oils – safflower seed oil, avocado oil, sesame seed oil, natural flower extracts, as well as a good amount of Vitamin E (tocopheryl acetate) and silica.

Verdict: The low price and packaging made me a bit suspicious about Sally Hansen Cuticle Rehab’s performance. However, after test driving it properly and carrying it for a good month (still do) in my hand bag, we became inseparable. It’s a fantastic alternative to more expensive products like the Body Shop Cuticle Pen and a the great range of vitamins and natural ingredients in the formula really make this a winner in the budget cuticle care category.

Sally Hansen Cuticle Rehab Available, 8.8.ml: online – $7.49 US here; in Australia, $6.48 AUS  –  here via Chemist Warehouse.

What are your thoughts about Sally Hansen Cuticle Rehab? Isn’t it amazing that this little guy can do so much good to your cuticles yet cost so little?

– Maria, xx

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