Ruffian Ikat Nails With Incoco Nail Strips – Tutorial

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incoco nail strips silver ikat nailsBy learning a nail art technique used to do theses Ruffian Ikat Nails you’ll be able to create nail designs as funky as Madeline Poole nails. Or, at least you can get very close. No special skills required, just a pair of scissors and a pack of nail strips. I bet you do have a couple of packs of nail strips* (or, nail wraps) at home, that you don’t know what to do with. Here’s their chance to shine!

Did you know that in addition to just putting nail wraps straight on your nails to fake some nail art, you can actually do some pretty cool things with them? You can use them for some kind of hybrid nail art, where you do the easy parts yourself and the complex steps are nail wraps. The results can be truly amazing!

Check out the how-to below:

raffian nail art how to with incoco nail strips

  1. Paint your nails in the desired colour, preferably one that matches one of the shades of the nail strip. We opted for a bright blue to match blue details of the Ikat Incoco nail strips.
  2. Select the size of the strips you’ll be using and attach them to your nails leaving nail polish exposed in a ruffian shape as pictured.
  3. Attach all the strips. For detailed explanation check out this tutorial on how to apply nail wraps like a pro.
  4. Attach studs as pictured and secure the whole design with top coat. Let it dry. Done!

No clean up, no time spent drawing intricate patterns, no extra long drying time required. How easy this nail art technique is?! And most importantly, even beginners can achieve quite impressive results. Nail strips can be used pretty much for any kind of details – chevrons, french tips, squares, etc. Any shape that you can cut out and stick onto your nails, even little animals, if you wish so.

silver and blue nailsincoco nail stripsUsed: Nails Inc Baker Street (blue base), Incoco Nail Polish Strips Ikat Catwalk, studs, ORLY In A Snap top coat.

How do you like this silver and blue Ruffian Ikat Nails? Have you tried experimenting with nail strips or nail wraps before?

As always, whether you will use this nail art tutorial or invent your own cool design, make sure you show us!  Tweet or Instagram us a photo with a tag #sonailicious, we’d LOVE to see it!

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