Revitanail Remover Wipes Can Save Your Soul!

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Now there is no excuse for a chipped manicure, (even if it has just happened) because with the new Revitanail remover wipes, you can get that old polish removed in a blink of eye. Literally anytime, anywhere.

The wipes don’t have the sharp Acetone smell many polish removers have, instead they have a nice floral aroma. They are non-flammable, non-liquid, and very compact! That means you can use them anytime, anywhere (I know I’ve already said that but… it’s worth repeating). On the plane, train, public places, in front of the nose of your Acetone sensitive boyfriend or even on a top of mount Kilimanjaro, if you happen to be there and your manicure got chipped. So save your soul and keep your conscious clear, erase that chipped stigma from your nails regardless of your situation.

Even though they look quite delicate and nothing like the usual nail polish remover, Revitanail wipes do actually work. See the photos and read our full review below for more technical details.

revitanail best nail polish remover wipes review

Revitanail Conditioning Remover Wipes– quickly and gently remove nail polish while conditioning nails and cuticles on-the-go without drying. Vitamine E-enriched and Acetone free formula.

Press wipe firmly against nail and wipe in one direction from base to tip until nail polish is completely removed.


Yes, the wipes smell nice and yes, they remove nail polish effectively. After pressing the wipe for about 10 seconds I was able to remove 3 coats of nail polish in one go. The nail looked nice and conditioned after the polish removal.

Extra Notes: These wipes won’t work for gel nails or thick glitter manicures. Also there are only 30 wipes, so by using 1-2 wipes per nail, the pack will last only for 3-5 manicures. To make the most of this wonder product, we suggest you use it only in situations when you need to remove your manicure on the go, like… when you’re on a top of mount Kilimanjaro.

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Availability:  AUS $4.19 via Priceline Myer and Priceline.

Personally, I’m very excited about having them in my carry on bag when travelling interstate next time. What are your thoughts about Revitanail wipes? Have you tried them before?

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