7 Red Nail Designs Fierce Enough For Halloween

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red nail designsRed is the colour of passion, but did you know that red is also one of the traditional colours of Halloween? So, to continue with our theme of elegant Halloween nail art, here are some of the best red nail designs fierce enough for Halloween:

  1. The famous Lana Del Rey stiletto nails with red tips. Stiletto shaped nails are a statement in themselves, they would look equally vampy painted in plain red. PC: Vogue.
  2. Elegant Red & Black Halloween Nails. Our step-by-step nail art tutorial shows how to get this look.
  3. Flawless french manicure in red and black by Leslie/WorkPlayPolish.
  4. Fire flame nail design by the talented Anutka/Wackylaki.
  5. Thanks to Dita Von Teese for popularising retro half moon red nails, we can now happily wear these Vampirella worthy nails for Halloween. Do them in classic red and nude or, for a vampier look, in black and red. PC: Butter London.
  6. Easy statement Red October Nails from our “30 Easy Nail Art Designs” e-book. If you’ve got the book already (you’re awesome and…) it’s the Day 9 tutorial!
  7. Vampy Gradient Halloween Nails by Chanfie/Indian Ocean Polish.

Which red nail design is your favourite? Which one are you keen to try? Tweet or Instagram us your creations & tag #SoNailicious, we’d love to see your designs!

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