Tutorial: Positano Summer Nails

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positano tiles, summer nails

Looking for an exciting new nail art idea? You’ll love these Positano Summer nails! Plus, there’s a new technique that I reveal in today’s tutorial. Don’t miss it!

If you haven’t heard about Positano, it’s a small but incredibly beautiful village in the sunny Amalfi Coast in Italy. We spent two weeks there last year and it has since became one of  favorite holiday destinations. It can be a challenge to get there, but once you do, you won’t want to leave! If you’d like more tips on exploring Positano, check out this post.

As for the nail art, it was inspired by colourful Mediterranean tiles that were everywhere in Positano. I’ve developed something of an obsession with them. Coincidentally, I sat next to the CEO of one of the largest Italian tile manufacturers on the plane out of Rome. He was pleased to talk tiles with someone who shared his passion for these beautiful ceramics and he was amused to see the tiny patterns that I create on nails. I promised him to do one inspired by his tiles. Well, finally my Positano Tile nails have come into fruition!

This manicure is perfect for summer when done in light colours. However, it can be easily adapted for the colder months by using the darker colour palette for your manicure.

It’s relatively easy to do, but it does require a steady hand and some patience! But fear not my friends, this nail art tutorial will guide you through the process. Just take your time perfecting those lines and the result will be truly rewarding. You’ll have miniature artworks on your nails to remind of colourful Positano. Enjoy!

You will need:

  • white nail polish
  • bright blue nail polish
  • light blue nail polish
  • striping nail art brush
  • base coat and top coat

positano, summer nails how to


  1. Apply your favorite base and follow up with 2 – 3 coats of white nail polish.
  2. Using a dotting tool, mark on all nails where your lines will begin and where they intersect.
  3. With a striping nail art brush and bright blue nail polish, paint thin long lines* to achieve the pattern as pictured.
  4. With a large dotting tool and white nail polish place the white dots on each line intersection.
  5. With a very small dotting tool and bright blue polish, (the same as the blue lines) place little dots* inside each white dot (at the intersections). With the same small dotting tool and light blue nail polish, place light blue dots* around some of the bright blue dots, as pictured.
  6. Clean up around the cuticles and apply two coats of a clear fast-drying top coat on all nails.

*Make sure you spend some time to make your lines accurate. They should be straight and the same width. The same applies to the dot details, make sure your dots are the same size. Because there are so many tiny details, if they’re uneven, this manicure may look a bit messy.

positano, summer nails, blue and white nailssummer nails, chanel vibratopositano summer nails


Wearing: Dainty Rings.

Now, over to you!

What’s your favourite holiday destination?

And, how do you like this Positano Tiles nail art idea?

As always, if you try this tutorial, make sure you show me your creations! I’d love to see you work – Tweet or Instagram me a photo with the tag #sonailicious.

– Maria, xx

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