Tutorial: Siberian Pansy Flower Nail Art

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pansy nail art

Looking for an idea for a fresh and easy floral manicure? Well you’ll enjoy this Siberian Pansy nail art tutorial. I’ve been loving the Siberian summer and all it has to offer, especially the multitude of flowers. There’s delicate wild flowers in the forest and bigger garden flowers in the dacha gardens. If you’re following me on Snapchat (SoNailicious) you should have seen all my nailspirational flower reports. But out of the dozens of flowers in bloom this June, it was the Siberian Pansy that attracted my attention the most.

Apparently, Pansies grow wild in many different counties and have many different names. In Russia it’s “Anyutini Glazki” which means “Anna’s Eyes”. Kitsa, one of our readers from Denmark, noted they are called “Stedmorblomster” which ranslates to “Step-Mom-flowers” and in Latvia, our contributor Elina said they’re “Atraitnites” or “widows”. Interesting how different cultures interpret the same thing in different ways right? 

Now, let’s take a look how you can create your own Pansy flower nail art!


flower nail art tutorial


  1. Apply a base coat, then paint all nails with 2-3 coats of opaque white nail polish.
  2. Using a thin liner nail art brush and a grass green polish, draw the leaves on each nail as pictured.
  3. Using the large end of a dotting tool, put large flower petals of different colours on each nail. For how to create flowers with a dotting tools refer to this nail tutorial.
  4. With the smaller end of the dotting tool, create the dark purple (or black) inner details of the petals on all flowers.
  5. With the smaller end of the dotting tool and a yellow polish, make centre of the flowers.
  6. Let your design dry for a few minutes. Clean up around cuticles where required and seal the deal with two layers of a glossy top coat. Done!

pansy flower nail artPansy flower nail artpansy nail artpansy flower nail art

Used: FABY Optic White (white), Sea Siren Cosmetics Gossip, Tranquility and a few other bright polishesEssie Good To Go top coat, 02 Needle nail art brush and these dotting tools.

So do Pansies grow in your country? If so, what do you call them? Also, how do you like these pop art nails?

If you do recreate this nail design tag it #SoNailicious on Instagram/Twitter, we’d love to see your version!

– Maria, xx

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