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Meet Alice – the rising star of nail blogging. Alice’s distinctive brush work and creativity make her nail art blog, One Nail To Rule Them All a real stand out. She hails from Yorkshire in the UK and started her blog in August 2011. When she is not painting her nails, you can find her studying for exams or… is it the opposite way?!

Today Alice shares a few of her great nail art tips with us. Read on lovelies!

Why nails?
I started doing them in order to stop biting my nails because I hated having such a disgusting habit, but nails are actually pretty therapeutic too!

Favourite nail blogger?
Probably Whitney from Dressed up Nails, she’s consistently good and I’m very envious of her brush work!

Nail care product you cant live without?
I’m so bad for nail care, but probably my cuticle remover cream which also doubles up as a moisturiser.


one nail to rule them all barry m nail polish

Favourite nail polish brand?
In the UK it’s probably Barry M (image above) but if I could access China Glaze easier it would probably be those instead.

Best bargain buy?
Collection 2000 or NYC polish.

Which brand has the best formula?
This is a difficult question because I wouldn’t say any are completely consistent, but I really like China Glaze’s consistency.

Which brand has the best brush?

the best nail art blue nail polish tribal nails cute nails

Favourite colour combination?
Anything involving light blue! 1 – Rainbow gradients + paisley nails and 2 – VW Campervan nails.

Favourite pattern/nail trend?
I really like tribal nails (3), they give a lot of freedom in terms of design and also test my brush skills, which I feel need improvement.

What’s your best tip for painting your other hand?
Use a table! Don’t do what I did for a while and do it on your bed in mid air, it will spill on your sheets and possibly your very expensive laptop and you will be annoyed/upset, the table is always a good idea!

How do you get inspired for your nail art?
Anything can inspire me, whether it’s other nail artists, or the world around me. I also sometimes get inspiration whilst in bed and trying to get to sleep and my brain is working overtime! 4 – Valentine’s day nails.

Alice was interviewed  by Maria Vlezko in March 2013. All images – provided by Alice.

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