#MakeupMonday: 12 Ombre Lip Looks For Every Occasion

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ombre lips 12 styles

Ombre has been one of the main beauty trends for about 3 years now. First, ombre hair, then ombre nails and now we have… ombre lips! If you’re following any beauty blogs or makeup artists, you’re likely to have seen this daring lip look before. At first glance, it doesn’t seem like something you’d wear in everyday life, but let us prove otherwise. First of all, it’s quite easy to do and faster than ombre nails, believe me (yes, tutorial soon)! Secondly, there are so many different styles of ombre lips out there that there is really something for everyone. From advanced, psychedelic lips perfect for parties to delicate everyday pink, you can find a look to suit any occasion. Plus, you can do it any colour combination you like as long as you create a gradient effect.

Here’s 12 variations of ombre lips we’re loving:

  1. Plump Vertical ombre lips.
  2. Plump Horizontal ombre.
  3. Creamy Horizontal ombre.
  4. Gold ombre lips with gold pigment or body paint.
  5. Reverse light pink ombre lips; the pink part can also be done in purple, pink or dark wine colours. Work by Kathryn Permiasorella
  6. Reverse gold ombre lips.
  7. Classic matte ombre, using two different (contrasting or matching) shades of lipstick.
  8. Psychedelic vertical ombre lips using 4 or more colours combined in one look.
  9. Plump romantic ombre lips.
  10. Psychedelic horizontal ombre lips.
  11. Vampy ombre lips with dark blue or black to red gradient.
  12. Romantic matte ombre lips using two shades of dark matte lip product.

PC: here, here, here and here.

So what do you think guys? Which ombre look is your favorite? Keen to give it a go or have you already tried some ombre?

– Maria, xx

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