Negative Space New Year’s Party Nails – 2014 Version

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New years party nails

Negative Space nails were one of the main trends of the year. So naturally, it was my first choice when deciding on a design to farewell 2014. The result was these Negative Space Party Nails.

Being on holidays means I have a lot of free time so this is a detailed and a well thought out design. It’s also incredibly hard to paint nails in a hot tropical climate (hello from Karragarra Island everyone!) where even the best polishes go bubbly. Therefore, negative space nails were a great solution. The small painted areas mean the bubbles are less likely to appear and if they do, they’ll be much less visible than on a fully painted nail.

For the colours, I opted for the black, white and silver – just for something different. I’ve done Blue and Silver New Year’s nails in 2012 and Gold and Black in 2013. For 2014 the colours they had to be classic and dressy enough to suit the subject – NYE party. So black and white with sparkling silver details was the solution.

New years party nailsnegative space party nailsnegative space party nailsNew years party nails


Wearing: Illuminati Compassion Knuckle Ring.

The design was completely hand painted using this striping nail art brush. It’s relatively easy once you know how to use the brush. I taught some of the techniques at the Nail Stars workshop. I’m thinking of dedicating one of the 2015 workshops solely to nail art brush techniques. Seriously, in terms of improving your nail art skills, learning how to use a nail art brush is the best thing you can do. Something to add to your New Years resolution list?

That’s it for 2014, HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!

– Maria, xx

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