Negative Space Nautical Nails Tutorial

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nautical nails tutorial, nautial nails how to 1What’s cool about today’s Negative Space Nautical Nails tutorial? Well, you’ll learn how to do negative space nails for a start. So whether you’re doing a stripey pattern like our nautical nails or any other pattern, hearts, circles, snakes, ghosts, etc, the same technique applies. Secondly, we’re changing the perception of nautical nails. The new nautical isn’t just the typical white, red and blue shades, it can be almost in any colour you want it to be! We opted for orange, turquoise and navy.

Finally, today’s design is a great source of nail-spiration, we’re itching to try it in other colours. We’re thinking striking black, red, yellow and white, or more feminine in pastel blue, rose, mint and lilac shades. If you’re short on time, remember there’s always the option of one accent nail leaving other nails plain navy, or turquoise.


nautical nails tutorial, nautial nails how to

  1. Paint base in nude shade or, if your nails are an even colour, just apply base coat. Allow sufficient time for your nails to dry completely.
  2. Apply striping tape as pictured. Make sure the tape is attached to the nail edges so the colour doesn’t leak underneath the tape and ruin your perfect stripes.
  3. Paint the stripes in different colours on all fingers. It’s better to come up with a plan/colour scheme (which colour to use for each stripe) for each nail before you start painting.
  4. Working one nail at a time, apply two coats of fast drying, glossy top coat and quickly but carefully remove striping tape to reveal the pattern. Repeat on all nails.


beautiful nautical nail artnegative space nails tutorial 1nautical nails, navy nailsUsed: Napoleon Perdis nail polishes – Perfect Nude (base), French Navy, Mediterranean Blue and Orange Sherbet, ORLY In A Snap top coat.

How do you like these Negative Space Nautical Nails? Have you tried experimenting with negative space nails before?

As always, whether you will use this Negative Space Nautical Nails tutorial or invent your own cool nautical nails design, make sure you show us!  Tweet or Instagram us a photo with a tag #sonailicious, we’d LOVE to see it!

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