Nail Wraps Glam by Manicare – Review & How to

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glam manicare nail wraps 1Want a funky manicure but no time for nail salons and no desire to do it yourself? Or, maybe you have an event to attend but no time left to paint your nails? In that case, nail wraps can save you and your nails – maximum impact manicure (non-smudgable!) in no time!

There are quite a few nail wrap brands on the market at the moment. They come in a variety patterns and for different nail shapes. The latter is particularly important as we found some nail wraps are too narrow for our nails (oups!) but for someone with little hands/nails they would be perfect… So to avoid such disappointment make sure you chose your nail wraps carefully. In our case, out of everything we’ve tried Glam by Manicare nail wraps fitted us the best! And, thus today we’re showing it in action.

Want to know more? Scroll down to read our full review & learn how to wrap it like a pro at home.


nail wraps how to use them

  1. Instructions say “start with clean nails”. We’d recommend to apply your favorite nutritious base coat before applying wraps. Let it dry. Then select size that fits your nail.
  2. Peel off wrap from the base and apply close to cuticle. Press and smooth over nail surface. Repeat on all nails. Check out that Elvira, Mistress of the Dark nail look! Then…
  3. File off any excess nail wrap with the file provided with a kit and then follow up with your usual nail file to smooth the edges.
  4. Apply 2 layers of high shine top coat to eliminate that unnatural look nail wraps have.



glam manicare nail wraps review 1glam manicare nail wraps reviewglam by manicare nail wrapsREVIEW:

  • Contents: nail file, cuticle stick and 2 designs 40 pieces (20 per designs, 10 different sizes), which is pretty good as you sure will find wraps that fit your nails.
  • Application: Easy. See the how to above.
  • Fitting: We had troubles to find a suitable wrap for our little finger and ended up trimming it from sides with scissors. All other nails were fitted fine. These wraps would be the best for average wide or slightly bigger than average nails. Small nails owners, ie. ring size is 5 or smaller, may find these wraps too big.
  • Final Look: If to judge on a scale out of 5, we’d give these nail wraps 4. Wraps will never look like nail polish. It doesn’t matter how good they are it’s obvious those nails weren’t hand painted. However, those ladies with not very stable hand will love nail wraps as they produce a very clean looking manicure.
  • Longevity & Wearability: even after 5 days, the nail wrap manicure still looked like freshly applied. Nail wraps don’t chip – WIN!
  • Nail Art: wraps can be used to create accent nail manicure or even replace the whole pattern/print section of your manicure. For instance, in this leopard nails look you could use nail wraps instead of drawing leopard print yourself. Also you can paint over the wraps (ie. ‘negative space’ nails) or you can cut parts of them to use on your nail tips (ie. french manicure).
  • leopard print nailsOverall impression: So far, some of the best nail wraps we’ve tried. Particularly, these wraps would be great for time poor ladies or those who are not into nail art but want to spice up their manicure. Also, Glam by Manicare nail wraps would fit better shorter nails not curved too much nails.

Available: from Priceline, Target and speciality pharmacy, RRP AUS $9.99 – stocklist and full range can be found here.

Disclosure: this product was provided by PR/brand for our consideration, opinions expressed are our own. Full disclosure policy here.

What do you think about Glam by Manicare nail wraps? And, what do you think about using nail wraps in general? Do you like them?

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