Nail Stars Sydney 2015: What Was Really Happening There?

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nail stars sydney

Nail Stars Sydney 2015 was personally one of the most amazing experiences of this year. It was a true blessing to finally meet some of you in real life and have a great time together talking about nail art and polishes all while creating amazing nail designs together. What could be better than 30 eager nail art lovers, hundreds of nail polishes, delicious cupcakes and positive energy filling the room.

It was a dream come true to share my knowledge and skills with such creative and engaged audience. Plus, we laughed a lot and took hilarious group photos!

Joseph Pole and Lisa Stueckradt’s great photos illustrate some of the fun we had over at the two day of  Nail Stars Sydney….

sea siren nail stars sydneychelsea trophy wife nail stars sydney 1nail stars sydney 13nail stars sydney 5ashleigh and maria nail stars sydney

Our sponsors were amazing! Massive thanks to our exclusive sponsor Sea Siren Cosmetics, who supplied us with the full range of nail polishes we were working with during the two days. Sea Siren also provided fantastic goodie bags for each attendee to take home. It included full size lacquers, nail care and all nail art tools you’d need to do nail art at home.

Also, special thanks to Yelena of Artful Pastry for heavenly fresh cupcakes! Thanks to Joseph Pole, my brave husband who got up from his sick bed to support me during this event and took all these beautiful photos for us. Of course, a special thank you to my amazing partner, Chelsea of Trophy Wife Nails who flew from Melbourne specifically for this event! Massive thanks to you all, ladies and gentlemen! Without you this party would not be the same.

Now, let’s have a look what was happening at Nail Stars Sydney…

nail stars sydney 33nail art in progress sea siren nail stars sydney 2lou nail stars sydney sea siren nail stars sydney 1nail stars sydney 1sea siren nail stars sydney2maria nail stars sydneycakes artful pastry nail stars sydney 2nail stars sydney 100nail stars sydney 44nail stars sydney 23nail stars sydney 12nail stars sydney 6nail art masterclass sydneyjulia, maria and lisa nail stars sydneychelsea trophy wife and amali wardcakes artful pastry nail stars sydney 1nail stars sydney

One of the most magnificent things about this master class was that we all learned something new from each another. For the last 4 years I’ve been pretty much living nail art and accumulated a lot of great tips to share but there is always something new to learn. I loved that everyone experimented with colours and looks and just from looking at what everyone was doing I picked up a few new great nail art and colour combination ideas too. And of course, I can’t wait to try my hand at the nail designs that Chelsea was teaching. The funky flamingos and diminishing moons were my favourites!

I really wanted the Nail Stars masterclasses to be as informative as possible while keeping it entertaining. I wanted it to be inspiring and give all necessary skills to create flawless nail art at home. Our aim was to make it feel like you are doing nails with your best friend where you talk and discuss different ideas and techniques, trying to do your best but without feeling like you are student in school again. I wanted this masterclass to be interactive and fun. Where you not just watch someone doing nail art on a screen but you’re actually doing it yourself.

I believe that the best way to learn nail art is practice, lots of it, and that’s what we implemented at the Nail Stars. At each class we taught in total 16 designs including the famous marble nails. That’s a lot to learn in just 2,5 hours, but it is a great introduction to advanced nail art.

I found teaching at Nail Stars was an extremely rewarding experience. First of all, because it’s an amazing feeling to see that you can help someone to improve their nail art skills and inspire to try more advanced nail designs. And another thing – this master class inspired me to take things here at SoNailicious to the next level too. I am always looking at how to improve and make this space even more useful for the community. So teaching nail art in real life provided a great insight in what and how I can do it. Even though the recent unexpected events are creating some serious obstacles, I still want to try my best and make all those dreams come true!

So for something that started as just an idea back in 2014, Nail Stars Sydney 2015 was a huge success… and imagine how magnificent our next event will be! If you’re reading this and feeling sad because you missed out, don’t get upset.

I am announcing our next event (and offering an earlybird special) very soon! 

So where will it be? When? What designs will we be teaching? Watch this space…

Hope to see you soon!

– Maria, xx

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