Nail Stars – Melbourne 2014: Important Announcement and FAQs

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We’re pleased to announce our collaboration with Ulta3 for our Nail Stars – Melbourne nail art workshop! Now, we can finally reveal that your #NailStarsMelbourne goodie bag includes ALL the polishes that you’ll be using at the workshop. That’s 20 polishes! Plus, they’ll come packaged in a Ulta3 signature bag. Sign me up now!

Having Ulta3 on board is really a match made in heaven. It’s an iconic Australian brand that here, at SoNailicious we personally love and use. “Colour your world!” – many nail art lovers can relate to Ulta3‘s slogan. We use our nails like tiny canvases to express ourselves or even to carry an important message and at the workshop you’ll learn how to do it flawlessly!

On this exiting note, we’d like to take a moment publicly thank Ulta3 for their goodie bags full of awesomeness.


We’ve been receiving an overwhelming number of inquiries about the Nail Stars Melbourne nail art classes. So we’ve compiled a list of answers to some of the most commonly asked questions:

1. What designs will you be teaching? We’ll be teaching 4 designs. 2 complex – ruffian gradient and summer fruits, and 2 relatively easy – neo-French and geometric. Each of the designs will include 5 variations, so in total you’ll learn 20 looks! For instance, neo-French includes 5 variations: diagonal French, lace French, chevron French, negative space French and cloudy French.

2. In the announcement you say you’ll be teaching fundamentals. I’m not a beginner, how this nail art class can be beneficial for me? By fundamentals we mean simple techniques that can help your manicures to look flawless. Experienced nail art lovers will have plenty to take away. You’ll learn how to execute new exclusive designs, not seen previously on SoNailicious or TrophyWife using new techniques and skills.

3. I’d love to come but the 23 of August isn’t suitable for me. Will you be running another nail art workshop in Melbourne sometime soon? As much as we’d love to, it is unlikely we’ll be able to do that in the near future. However, if you’re after a personal lesson and willing to cover our travelling costs then yes, we can certainly arrange for that. Email us directly at editor@sonailicious.com to discuss it further.

4. $79.50 for a ticket is a lot of money. What will I get for it? In most nail art salons, a of full set the same design on each finger starts from around $45. We’ll teach you how to do 4 designs yourself, plus variations of each. If you were going to salon to do the same number of designs it would cost you 20 x $45 = $900! So… $900 vs $79.50? This turns out to be a massive saving. Plus, you’ll get a goodie bag RRP $60 (20 polishes + nail art e-book)!

5. Will you come to Dubai, Adelaide, Sydney, New York, London, Novokuznetsk…? Yes, why not?! In the meantime, if you’d like us to conduct a nail art workshop in a specific county or city, please let us know by emailing Maria directly at editor@sonailicious.com.

6. I have my own nail art kit/brushes but I’m not sure how to use it all. Can I bring it to the workshop? Yes, of course. Bring your brushes or nail art kit to the workshop and we’ll explain and possibly even demonstrate what you can do with your tools.

Have you booked your session yet? Only a few spots left! BOOK here.

UPDATE: This event was a great success! See the round up here.

OCTOBER 2015 – UPDATE: Nail Stars Sydney tickets on sale NOW!

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