Nail File: Maria Vlezko of SoNailicious

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Maria Vlezko, SoNailicious founder
Maria/ SoNailicious
Kenzo Eye Nails by SoNailicious
Ruffian gradient nails with Orly
Dance Legend 210 Golden Red
Red lovin
Diorific Minuit
Chanel Taboo
Skittlette Nails With Floral Accent
I love Estee Lauder too!

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Emily Weiss writes about herself on Into The Gloss, Leandra Medine interviews herself on the ManRepeller… so it’s the right time for me to step out out of the shadows of my nails and into the limelight of SoNailicious.

So hello dear SoNailicious friends, Maria here! If you’ve never read our ‘About’ section’, I’m the brain (or, shall I say face?) behind the nails at SoNailicious. Why today’s Nail File is about me? Because this week’s theme on SoNailicious is red and… well, you have to read the interview to  find out why ;)

NAIL FILE: Maria Vlezko of SoNailicious

1. Your blog name: Chocolate Donuts! Ok, jokes. It’s SoNailicious of course :)

2. Country: Australia

3. Why are you interviewing yourself? Because red is my favourite colour and also because I felt that I want to talk to you guys and show you the real person behind this blog. In the past, I used to blog a lot showing my face (and even legs!) so it feels a bit strange now becoming a set of nails.

4. Why nails? I’ve been doing my nails since age 12. If I couldn’t find my mums polishes I’d use watercolour pencils to paint my nails. So when I started my first blog, CrashingRed (a-ha!) nails were a part of it. I always felt that the importance of a great manicure is heavily underestimated. You go to fashion weeks and it’s all about designs, models, clothes and make-up. Hello! What’s about nails? So I decided to change that and after a few months of hard work a new beauty blog was born. I called it SoNailicious.

5. How often do you post? Monday through Friday. Oh man, I want to bring our Sunday discussions back so badly, just need more time to be on top of everything. SoNailicious is a baby (a big baby, though) and it’s still growing.

6. Highlights of your blogging career, achievements? Meeting Fiona Hay, a celebrity manicurist and one of the most highly regarded authorities in the Australian nail industry. An interview on MakeupUtopia and a recent feature in Professional Beauty magazine was also pretty cool. When I was blogging on CrashingRed, working with big brands like Marriott or being featured in Marie Claire & Harper’s Bazaar was also quite amazing.

7. Nail care product you can’t live without right now is… Orly Nailtrition, easily!

8. The best nail care tip? I’ve written so many articles about cuticle care but if I had to give just one tip it would be – don’t you ever cut your cuticles! Just don’t do it, it’s really so bad for your nails, I explain why here.

9. Favourite main-stream nail polish brand?  OPI, Orly and of course, Russian beauty Dance Legend.

10. The most treasured/favorite nail polish in your collection is… Diorific Minuit and Chanel Taboo. I like dark, vampy shades of red a lot.

11. What are your favourite local nail polish brands? Kester Black.

12. What nail polish are you craving right now? I want to try some of the crazy US indie brands – they have all these amazing glitters and I just feel like my stash is incomplete without them. So feel free to make a recommendation in the comments below. I’d love to try your favourite brands!

13. Favourite colours? Red. And I like all shades of blue on nails too.

14. Favorite nail art trend? Negative space nails. So chic!

15. The most adventurous nail art you have ever created? The cutest is definitely koala nails and most adventurous were Kenzo Eye nails (the most recent version of it Funky Love Nails).

16. How do you get inspired for your nail art? Fashion and nature. I like keeping it original as much as possible and I LOVE stalking everyone’s accounts, but when it’s time to do something, I always try to come up with something my own. The exception is when there’s a new technique I just have to try, like Marta’s from Chit Chat Nails skittlettes manicure.

17. What’s one piece of advice would you give to anyone who would like to start their own blog? Decide on your subject before you start blogging, follow your heart, do what you really-really love. Do not imitate anyone, you have your own unique personality and your own talents so show them. Work hard, learn and grow.

Five Fast Nail Questions:

  1. Silver or Gold? Gold.
  2. Striping tape or free hand? Free hand.
  3. To match or not to match (nails to lipstick)? Depends.
  4. Nail icon? Pshiiit.
  5. When in doubt do… French or Half moon manicure.

If you’d like to be-friend me, you can find and follow me/ SoNailicious here:

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