Nail File: Sarah Waite of Chalkboard Nails

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Sarah Waite of Chalkboard Nails
Tadashi Shoji Inspired Nail Art
Trippy Drippy Gradient
OPI Muppets Most Wanted Collection
Clarins 230
Perforated leather and Neon splatter nails
Radiant Orchid Nails
Bright Easter Floral

If you’re into nails, you’re probably already familiar with Sarah’s work. Her blog Chalkboard Nails is one of the top nail blogs, not just in her homeland of the USA, but worldwide. It’s easy to see why, impeccable swatches, unique nail art and professional quality photography. Sarah also has a very strong social presence online making it hard to believe that behind all of this is just person! It’s even more amazing given that she has a full time day job. Sarah’s ever-growing polish collection is currently at about 1,600 and her nails have even been featured on TV!

So read on lovelies, here’s your chance to learn more about Sarah, her nail art and even pick a few great tips from one of the best!

NAIL FILE: Sarah Waite of Chalkboard Nails

1. Country: United States

2. What do you do for living? In addition to my blog, I work full time as a designer and product manager for an electronics retailer.

3. Why nails? I love nails because the possibilities for nail art are so wide open, and yet you have to contain it within this tiny canvas. It’s both completely free and totally restricted at the same time.

4. When did you start your blog? July 2011.

5. Highlights of your blogging career:

  • Winner of the Tadashi Shoji Nail Art Challenge (image 2), in which a Chalkboard Nails nail art design was turned into a Tadashi Shoji clutch
  • Photograph shown on The Today Show
  • Chalkboard Nails was briefly featured in NAILgasm: The Nail Art Documentary
  • Interviewed for Nail It! Magazine’s “I Can’t Live Without” series
  • Photographs featured in Redbook Magazine
  • “Trippy Drippy” nail design (image 3) as named one of Tumblr’s Top Nail Art Posts for 2013

 These are just some of the amazing moments I’ve had throughout the life of my blog! I never guessed when I started blogging that it would become this huge thing for me.

6. Nail care product you can’t live without right now is… Right now I am crazy for CND SolarOil. It smells SO good and absorbs quickly.

7. The best nail care tip? Be consistent with your nail care. Try to moisturize your hands and nails after each time you wash your hands — it can be so drying!

8. Favourite main stream nail polish brand? OPI! I love their formula, wide brush, and creme shades. No one makes a creme quite like OPI. (image 4).

9. Favourite indie polish brand? This is tough because there are so many that I love! I’ll have to say Cirque is my favorite. Not only does Annie have a great eye for colors and trends, but she does a great job presenting her brand in a serious and professional light.

10. The most treasured/favorite nail polish in your collection is… My Clarins 230 (image 5) is my most treasured polish. Not only is it gorgeous and rare, but it’s the only polish my boyfriend has ever bought for me!

11. What nail polish are you craving right now? I am loving all of the bright colors coming out for spring. I have a tough time making it all the way from fall to spring; the dark shades of winter just don’t inspire me much!

12. Favourite colours? My favorite polish color to wear is yellow. I also really like lime green (Perforated Leather and Neon Splatter NailsImage 6).

13. Favorite pattern trend? I do a lot of florals (Radiant Orchid Nails – image 7 & Bright Easter Floral – image 8), though sometimes I worry that I do them too much and people are sick of seeing them on my blog! I also really love the look of a simple and clean two-color gradient. One of my favorite color combinations was a forest green with a caramel brown. Those nails felt like they belonged in a hunting lodge or something!

14. The most adventurous nail art you have ever created? I did a riff on the caviar nail art trend where I stuck real candy sprinkles to my nails. That was pretty “out there,” haha.

15. How do you get inspired for your nail art? I keep a sketchbook with me so that I can draw out any ideas that I have while on the go. I also love to take inspiration from pop culture and patterns. Sometimes, the polish colors themselves will inspire me!

Five Fast Nail Questions:

  1. Red or blue? Blue.
  2. Half moon or chevron? Chevron.
  3. To match or not to match (nails to lipstick)? Match! Why not?
  4. Nail icon? @ciaomanhattan2012/nailsbymei.com
  5. When in doubt do… A fast floral!

Sarah Waite was interviewed  by Maria Vlezko in February 2014. All images – provided by Sarah.

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