Nail File: Manal of NailDecor

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Manal @NailDecor
Pop Art Nails by @NailDecor
Pop Art Nails by Manal @NailDecor
MAC Lipstick Nails @NailDecor
Paintings by Manal @NailDecor
Damask Nails by @NailDecor
Peacock Nails by @NailDecor

Manal runs the world’s most popular nail art Instagram account – @NailDecor. Her flawless nail designs and quality video tutorials have attracted over 1.3 million followers. No wonder, Manal makes even the more difficult nail designs look so easy to recreate. Plus, she is uniquely down to earth and helpful. With such exciting plans for the future as launching her own range, Manal is definitely the one to watch!

So read on lovelies, get to know Manal and pick up some great tips for growing your social media following and improving your nail art skills. Plus, make sure to scroll through the gallery to see Manal’s amazing work!

NAIL FILE: Manal, nail artist & blogger @NailDecor, Ontario, Canada.

1. Why nails? Nail art is more than a hobby for me. It’s my stress relief remedy. I feel like I’m in my own zone and away from my daily problems when I’m painting. It allows me to think outside the box and gets my creative juices flowing!

2. What do you do for living? I am currently studying Psychology at York University and will (hopefully) be graduating with my BA this April!

3. What did you start first YouTube or Instagram? I started Instagram first. The amount of comments I received in regards to how I paint the designs that I post on my Instagram motivated me to start my YouTube channel, MsNailDecor.

4. One piece of advice would you give someone wanting to grow their Instagram following? Focus on the content of your account. Gaining followers becomes easy when you have beautiful pictures/videos to share. Be creative and be unique. Your work should stand out and speak for itself.

5. Highlights of your blogging career? One of my biggest achievements is definitely the amount of support I’ve earned on Instagram. I put in a lot of effort in my nail art and to know that over a million people enjoy my work makes me feel indebted! Another thing I consider an achievement is inspiring someone to create the designs I share on my social media. I always feel so elated when I see others tagging me in their work because I’ve inspired them in some way. Also, being featured on Nail It! Magazine is a milestone for me as an artist. It’s always amazing to be given recognition for your hard work.

6.  Nail care product you can’t live without right now is… Lush Lemony Flutter Cuticle Butter!

7. Favourite nail shape? Round.

8. The best nail care tip? File your nails in one direction. I have noticed that a lot of people file their nails in a back and forth motion. It is important that you file your nails in one direction instead because filing in a back and forth motion causes tiny splits in the nails that eventually turn into cracks and causes your nail to break.

9. The worst thing to do for your nails is… to cut your cuticles. Push your cuticles back instead. An ideal time to do this would be right after you shower. Cutting your cuticles means opening doors to infections and bacteria, which can be easily prevented.

10. Favourite main stream nail polish brand? LVX Lacquer.

11. Favourite indie polish brand? ILNP Boutique Nail Lacquer…I mean, have you seen her flakies? They make you drool!

12. The most treasured nail polish in your collection is… SpaRitural Driftwood.

13. What nail polish are you coveting right now? The winter resort 2015 LVX collection.

14. Favourite top coat? INM Nails –  Out The Door top coat.

15. Favourite colours? Nude, dark red, peach, mint and baby pink.

16. Favorite pattern/nail art trend? I love creating peacock feathers. The combination of nude and dark colours together inspired by the beauty of peacock feathers is truly stunning.

17. The funniest/the most adventurous nail art you have ever created? The lipstick finger where I made a false nail shaped as the lipstick and painted my finger as the lipstick bottle for the full effect (photo of this design in the gallery above). Another cool and rather adventurous nail art design I did was pop art nails where I painted my entire hand for the full pop art effect (photo of this design in the gallery above).

18. How do you get inspired for your nail art? I mostly get inspired by my surroundings or by other nail bloggers on Instagram.

19. Your prediction for 2015: what will be hot this year? Flakies, lace designs, bows, polka dots, nail foils, and matte top coat finishes.

Five Fast Nail Questions:

  1. Pink or blue? Pink
  2. Floral or Leopard? Floral
  3. To match or not to match (nails to lipstick)? Not to match
  4. Nail icon? Karen Gutierrez (Instagram: @karengnails) is one of the few artists who inspires me.  I’m drawn to the beauty and simplicity of her work.
  5. When in doubt do (what kind of nail art)… Polka dots! You can never go wrong with polka dots.

You can find and follow Manal on Instagram and YouTube.

Manal was interviewed  by Maria Vlezko, February 2015. All images courtesy to Manal /@NailDecor.

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