Nail File: Electra Melissa, Miss G’s Nail Lounge

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Electra, Miss G's Nail Lounge
Electra's Nails
Nude to White Gradient nails
In salon
Signture Electra's bow in progress
Favorite nail art brushes
Mix and Match nails by Miss Electra
'Special Request' New Year's nails by Miss Electra
Georgia, Electra's mum and Founder of Miss G's Nail Lounge
Nail sculpting
Georgia's nails
Georgia's New Year's nails
Glitter Bomb nails by Miss Electra
Nude and Red nails by Miss Electra

Australia Day was just yesterday, so it’s time to celebrate our local nail artists! When I visited the Gold Coast last year, the two names on everybody’s lips were Nicole from Adore Girls Parlour and Electra from Miss G’s Nail Lounge. Both are young, hard working and incredibly talented. We published Nicole’s Nail File last November. Today, let me introduce you to Electra!

At just 24, Electra is one of the best niche nail artists. Her specialties are nail enhancements and 3D designs. Electra’s clients are even flying interstate just to get their unique custom nail designs done. I tried a signature acrylic bow, it was perfectly sculpted onto my nail using only a brush in minutes. For Electra doing nails is not just a job, it’s is her life.

So read on lovelies, get to know Electra and make sure to scroll through the gallery to see some of the best Electra’s designs!

NAIL FILE: Electra Melissa, the leading nail artist, Miss G’s Nail Lounge, Australia.

1. Why nails? I think nails completely change your mood. With you nails done you can do anything!

2. How and when did you get into the industry? My mum* has been in the industry for as long as I can remember, so it was inevitable that I would follow in her footsteps. After 3 years of in-salon training I then passed my exams but I’ve never stopped studying, researching and practicing new techniques and designs.

3. Nail care or hand care product you can’t live without right now is… Cuticle oil!

4. The worst thing for your nails is… using them as tools. Treat your nails like you would your jewelry.

5. Your signature nail design? Long blinged out Stilettos is what I wear. For my beautiful clients definitely almond shaped enhancements with 3D work.

6. Favorite colour combination for a manicure? Monochrome or chrome.

7. You’ve recently attended Spa & Beauty Expo in Sydney. What’s the most amazing product you’ve seen there? What did you buy? We found GellyFit’s Syrup Gel colours. Which are a beautifully pigmented translucent gel with which you can create original designs with

8. How do you get inspired for your nail art? Everything. Fashion plays a big role, though.

9. You have so many loyal customers, how do you continue to keep your clients happy? I think its important to listen to what your clients want and what they can handle. Coming to a compromise to ensure they get the longest wear time out of their enhancements is a big deal to us in the salon. We love what we do at Miss G’s Nail Lounge and we strive to provide the most pleasant pampering experience for all of our customers. Also, keeping on trend and offering new colours and designs so everyone can have an individual manicure is important.

10. If you were offered to do a celebrity manicure, who that would be? And, how would you do their nails, what design? Beyonce or Katy Perry for sure! A simple gold chrome set with black and white nail art as features would look amazing on Beyonce. And, for Katy Perry something bright and fun.

11. One piece of advice would you give someone wanting to become a professional manicurist? Make sure you find a good teacher and practice makes perfect.

* Georgia Electra’s mum is the founder and owner of Miss G’s Nail Lounge has been in the industry for 25 years.

Five Fast Nail Questions:

  1. Diamantes or Studs? Diamantes
  2. Black or Navy? Black
  3. Floral or Aztec? Floral
  4. Nail icon? Georgia, my mum. 25 years in the same industry and loving it – it’s pretty big.
  5. When in doubt do… 3D always wins.

You can find and follow Electra on Instagram.

Electra Melissa was interviewed and photographed by Maria Vlezko in Miss G’s Nail Lounge in Gold Coast, August 2014. Nail art photos courtesy to Electra/Miss G’s Nails.

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