Nail File: Danah Alfares of DanahSnails

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Danah Alfares, freelance nail artist, Kuwait
Leopard print nails with OPI Brazil by Danah Alfares
Ikat nails by @DanahSnails
Danah's Zoya collection
Geometric nails by Danah Alfares
Chain pattern nails by Danah Alfares
Danah Alfares' Bridal nail designs for Bespoke event
Batik nails by Danah Alfares
Sakura nails by Danah Alfares
Easter nails by Danah Alfares
Dior nails by Danah Alfares
Valentine's Day nails by @DanahSnails

Nail art has a unifying power that transcends boarders and cultures. Today I’m honoured to present our interview with one of the top nail artists from the Middle East – Danah Alfares. In 2012 Danah started posting photos of her nail art on Instagram and quickly gained a significant following. Now, she’s a freelance nail artist in high demand with her work featured in international industry publications.

So read on lovelies and get to know Danah as she shares some great tips for growing your online presence. Also, make sure you scroll through the gallery to see her amazing work!

NAIL FILE: Danah Alfares, nail artist and blogger at DanahSnails, Kuwait

1. What do you do for living? I teach at the Higher Institute for Telecommunication and Navigation.

2. Why nails? I’ve always been into art.. and nails just happen to be a small and popular canvas.

3. When did you start your blog? In 2013, with encouragement of a fellow artist Shez of @nailpromote. I owe it to her, for only then I decided to seriously work on it. Everything on that blog from graphics to nail pictures is by me. I try to keep it bilingual.

4. When did you start your Instagram and how many followers are there now? I started it in 2012. I have 26+ K followers now

5. One piece of advice you’d give to someone wanting to grow their Instagram following? Remember to keep it updated, 1 post per day at least, do video tutorials (people like them) , a little variation in content is always favourable. Do not get discouraged if you don’t get much attention and always keep reminding yourself that you’re doing this for yourself first, and for others, second.

6. Highlights of your blogging career?

  • Featured in Zoya blog as “new international blogger from Kuwait”
  • Featured in NailPro & Nailit sites
  • Interviewed by major local magazine, AlYaqaza
  • Hosted a nail art event by Nazih Co – OPI sole agent in Kuwait
  • Having made the Bridal nail sets for a Runway show in Kuwait by Yalwah
  • And finally of course, this interview :)

7. Nail care product you can’t live without right now is… OPI Avoplex cuticle oil to go & it’s hand cream. I love the softness and nourishment I get after using them.

8. Favourite nail shape? Almonds – stilettos. I love the femininity and edge they give.

9. The best nail care tip? Moisturise frequently with a cuticle oil or cream. I keep these everywhere – in my car, office and work space. File your nails properly and make sure your diet includes lots of nail-friendly calcium-rich food, which is  essential for your nail strength and growth.

10. The worst thing to do for your nails is… Biting and excess buffing

11. Favourite main stream nail polish brand? Zoya, I like it because of the perfect viscosity, little brush, consistent formula, and HUGE range of colours and textures. Plus, always great quality and long-lasting formula.

12. Favourite indie polish brand? We don’t have Indies here, but from what I see, I’d covet some Picture P0lish and Cirque Colors.

13. The most treasured nail polish in your collection is… Ace Gel polish, I’m into Japanese nail art lately.

14. What nail polish are you coveting right now? OPI Infinite Shine.

15. Favourite top coat? CND’s Super Shiny.

16. Favourite colours? Neutrals, they’re usually wearable and versatile.

17. Favorite nail art trend? Negative space and edgy – I’m a rock chick!

18. The most adventurous nail art you have ever created? The spring ladybugs manicure with 3d ladybugs.

19. How do you get inspired for your nail art? Through fashion trends and seasons.

20. Your prediction for 2015: what nail designs and colours will be hot this year? Wine colors and metallics. Gel-effect hybrid polish.

Five Fast Nail Questions:

  1. Red or Blue? Definitely RED
  2. To match or not to match (nails to lipstick)? Not to match.
  3. Geometric or Floral? Geometric
  4. Nail icon? The NailBoss
  5. When in doubt do… Glitter Gradient, always easy to do and it looks pretty.

You can find and follow Danah on Instagram and blog.

Danah Alfares was interviewed  by Maria Vlezko, April 2015. All images – Danah Alfares, @danahsnails

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