Nail File: Anja Sterk of Lieve91 (You Should See Anja’s Breathtaking Nail Art!)

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Anja Sterk, nail artist, Slovenia
Christmas Sweater nails by Anja
Henna pattern nails
Kawaii Japanese Inspired nails by Anja
Rainy Sunday nails by Anja
Nothern Lights nails
Girl watching meteor shower nails by Anja
Elie Saab inspired nails by Anja
Counting stars nails

You spoke, we listened! We’re bringing back the Nail File series featuring leading nail artists from around the globe. So many of you asked for the return of the Nail File series and I’ve already lined up some exciting interviews for the coming weeks. What better way to re-start the series than with Anja Sterk of @Lieve91. Anja is a popular nail art Instagrammer and professional nail artist who hails from Slovenia.

Anja specialises in freehand nail art. Her intricate original designs have taken Instagram by storm, earning her a place among the global nail art elite. Often you just can’t help but wonder how on earth Anja creates these incredibly detailed works of art on her nails. Today she shares her best nail art tips and reveals the secrets behind her impeccable manicures.

So read on nail art warriors Get to know Anja and make sure you scroll through the gallery to see her amazing work!

NAIL FILE: Anja Sterk, nail artist and blogger at Lieve91, Ljubljana, Slovenia

1. What do you do for living? Nails! I’m a licensed manicurist.

2. Why nails? It just happened! I never had interest in nails before I went to college. Then suddenly I found myself living next to a big drug store and almost every time I went home from classes, I stopped at the drugstore and bought myself a nail polish. The thing is, I used to bite my nails, not like in an extreme way, but just constantly nibbled on them. Then my mom told me, she would get me nail polish if I stop biting my nails. So I did stop biting them but then I was already living on my own and started buying nail polishes myself. And then… the dotting tool happened! …and striping tape.  Every time I learned a new technique I fell deeper in love with nail art. Finally, *drumroll please* I got my first acrylic paints! After that it was just fireworks ;)

3. How many followers do you have currently on your Instagram? Currently, 137,000

4. One piece of advice would you give someone wanting to grow their Instagram following? All I did was post my nail art using proper hashtags. What really helped me was the BIG accounts noticing my work and sharing it with their followers.

5. Your photos always look so good. What do you use for your nail photos? Aww, thank you! Well, until April 2016 I have only used my phone and a natural lighting from the sun. Later, my awesome mom got me a CANON 700D for my Master’s degree gift (which I am currently still writing and hope to finish it by spring).

6. Also, what’s your best nail photography tip? I always take my photos between 10am and 2pm. So if I want do any new nail art, it HAS to be done in that time if I want get a good photo. Also, just make sure you spend time finding your favorite spot for taking a photo. I found one after 2 years and now I am only using that spot with the best light.

7. When and why did you decide to further your education and become a professional nail artist? It happened this year, I got and amazing opportunity and came across amazing people who believe in me and now we are opening a salon!

8. Any exciting nail art career plans? At the moment I have to keep it all in secret, I don’t wanna jinx it.

9. Nail care product you can’t live without right now is…  My favorite thing to put on my hands is an old school blue Nivea cream.

10. Your nail art is so detailed. Do you use some special nail art brushes to create such intricate patterns? I do actually. I use a Pure Color Glamor brushes and have been using them for the past year.

11. One piece of advice would you give someone wanting to improve their nail art skills? Practice makes perfect.

12. Your best tip for painting non-dominant hand? Same as the above :)

13. Favourite top coat? I have two, Essence Sealing top coat, which is great for sealing all my acrylic nail art, and Essence Better Then Gel Nails top sealer, which gives them the incredible shine!

14. Favourite nail strengthener? Evelin.

15. The worst thing to do for your nails is… Well, in my opinion, the worst thing you can do is biting them!

16. How many polishes in your collection? Around 180.

17. Favorite colour combination? Black and beige.

18. The funniest/the most adventurous nail art you have ever created? That would be my Japan inspired nails with Pikachu and Totoro (see photo in the gallery above).

19. How do you get inspired for your nail art? I scroll through Pinterest and when I see something awesome, I paint it on my nails.

20. Your prediction for the new season: what nail designs and colours will be hot in 2017? Olive green and of course, chrome effect!

21. If you were offered to do a celebrity manicure, who that would be? Sia! Crazy almond shaped black and white nails for her.

Five Fast Nail Questions:

  1. Black or White? Black
  2. Freehand or Stencils? FREEHAND
  3. To match or not to match (nails to lipstick)? Not to match
  4. Nail icon? Too many
  5. When in doubt do… Galaxy Nails!

You can find and follow Anja on Instagram.

Anja Sterk was interviewed by Maria Vlezko. All nail art images – Anja Sterk, @lieve91

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