You’re Invited To The First Nail Art Fashion Week!

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Nail art warriors, are you ready? The first ever Nail Art Fashion Week (NAFW 2015) will take place this March 9-15 and you’re INVITED! The difference between this and any other fashion week is that NAFW will happen globally and it’s not just for fashion VIPs, it’s for any nail art enthusiast who feels like challenging themselves to create 7 new fashion inspired nail designs.

What is NAFW 2015?

As any regular reader of this site will know, fashion is one of the main sources of nail art inspiration for me.  See this, this and this posts for example. I’m also a huge fan of fashion weeks, they are so much fun and have a completely different atmosphere filled with creativity, excitement and spectical. I wanted to transfer this spirit to the nail art community for anyone who wants to participate. Consequently, the idea of running a Nail Art Fashion Week was born. It took a some time to put it all together, but finally it’s here!

NAFW 2015 Hosts

I’m so excited to announce that this year’s NAFW 2015 will be hosted by me (representing Sydney) along with 3 incredibly talented nail artists: Faustine La NPA Mouton from Paris, Bella SeizeTheNail of Stockholm and Victoria Manicurator in New York.

Our Mission

To challenge ourselves, to give our creativity a burst and to further our nail art skills by creating unique fashion inspired nail designs every for one week. And most importantly, to have fun and connect with each other!

How You Can Join

Simply create nail art that follows the schedule below and share it with us by posting it on Instagram, Twitter and/or Facebook with the tag #NAFW2015. It’s our official hashtag and we’ll be checking it every day. Some of the best works will be featured on our social media accounts. So here’s your chance for your work to get featured by @So_Nailicious, @Manicurator, @Faustgil or @SeizeTheNail.

The NAFW Fall 2015 Schedule:

nail art fashion week with @SoNailicious

  • March 9   –  Favorite fashion designer: create nail art inspired by your favorite designer. It can be your fave local fashion designer or an established fashion house, i.e. Chanel, YSL, DVF, Wang…
  • March 10 – Shoes: create nail art inspired by shoes. It can be any shoes you like, wear or covet. Preferably from the Fall 2015 collections. You can find shoe inspiration here and here, or check this gallery of Fall 2015 shoes.
  • March 11  – Bag: create nail art inspired by a bag. It can be any bag that you like, but preferably from the Fall 2015 collection. For inspiration see here and here, or check this gallery (pick a collection and check their ‘Details’ section) for Fall 2015 bags.
  • March 12  – Fashion Trend: create nail art inspired by your favorite fashion trend, i.e. florals, colour blocking, nudes, neons, sport chic, etc. Check this article for more inspiration.
  • March 13  – Fashion blogger /Style icon: create a design inspired by your favorite fashion icon, i.e. by her/his outfit, her favorite colours or maybe nail art that they wore. It can be an actress, blogger, model or your neighbor – anyone you consider a style icon.
  • March 14  – Fall 2015 dress: create a design inspired by a dress or any outfit seen on the Fall 2015 runways. Check this gallery for more inspiration.
  • March 15  – Fall 2015 runway nail art: re-create any nail art from Fall 2015 runways. Check this article and this collection for more inspiration.

So what you’re waiting for? Pin or save the NAFW 2015 schedule above and start gathering your nail art inspiration! Feel free to share the schedule, i.e. repost, upload to your blog, Instagram, Twitter or Facebook.

Grab the button!

NAFW 2015 button

Add this button to your blog’s sidebar and link it to your blog post announcing that you’re going to Nail Art Fashion Week or simply link it back to this post.

So will you be joining us? Personally, I say let’s ROCK IT!

– Maria, xx

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