Millennial Pink: Top 5 Lacquers To Nail The Trend

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Millennial Pink best 5 nail polishes

Millennial Pink is all you hear about lately and we shall embrace it! Besides, Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. So if you’re looking for a down-to-earth yet undeniably romantic manicure option, then Millennial Pink is just the right colour! To help you to navigate in the ocean of pink nail polishes, we’ve reviewed almost a hundred and selected the most gorgeous 5 Millennial Pink nail colours for you to try.

But before we proceed with savoring these delicious pinks, a bit of background information on the Millennial Pink phenomena…

What is Millennial Pink?

First introduced by the New York Times in 2016, Millennial Pink has been growing ever since and is now well-established as a prominent trend. The trick is, Millennial Pink is not just one color; it’s almost any warm, but light shade of pink that matches a fleshy, almost salmon colored tone. However, as The Guardian points out, not can everyone agree on the shade, but somehow everyone is attracted to it. From beauty products to haute couture and brand logos, this beautiful warm-toned pink is everywhere these days.

So, I’ve picked 5 pink nail polishes to serve as your essential Millennial Pink. Just pick your favorite!

Millennial Pink best 5 nail coloursbest 5 Millennial Pink nail polish colourstop 5 Millennial Pink nail polishes

1. Prissy Lovely

As a blush shade of pink, this warm-toned lacquer has a very classic feel. This pink nail polish is the absolute winner. It’s perfect for any occasion and could add a romantic vibe to any outfit, even the casual one. Also, Prissy is a local Australian indie brand and features a vegan, 5-free and easy to work with formula.

Available here AUD $15.

2. Mavala Pink Orchid

This polish is a great middle ground if you’re unsure which side of Millennial Pink to try. It has a more warm tone, with a bit of a nude feel. With barely there beautiful silver shimmer, this elegant pink polish will become your favoutite. As a plus, it’s toxin-free and comes in a small bottle, making it perfect for travel.

Available here AUD $8.50.

Alternative: Mavala Fiji – a more cool-toned and slightly lighter version of Pink Orchid.

3. OPI Tag Us In That Selfie

This feminine pastel pink nail polish brings out the warmer side of the Millennial Pink palette. It encompasses a warmer undertone and would be perfect for a date or girls night out. It has a beautiful creamy formula, fast drying and very easy to work with.

Alternative: OPI Hopelessly Devoted to OPI – a much lighter Millennial Pink than Tag Us In That Selfie

Available here AUD $22.50.

4. Chanel Nuvola Rosa

This dusty pastel pink nail polish is the epitome of the Millennial Pink shade. This color is flirty, fun and elegant at the same time. Plus, it looks spectacular on a slightly tanned complexion. Very long lasting and easy to work with formula, makes this pink polish a worthwhile investment.

Available here USD $28.

5. Kester Black Blush

This bright but very light pink nail polish brings out the lighter side of the Millennial Pink trend. If your style isn’t ignited by the warm-tones and fleshy colors of other Millennial pinks, try this one. This cool elegant pink nail polish will definitely brighten your look.

Available here USD $14.90.

Now over to you!

Are you a fan of Millennial Pink?

And most importantly, do you know any other beautiful Millennial Pink polishes that we could add to the list? Come one, spill…


P.S. Looking for some nailspiration to try out you Millennial Pink? Try out Minimalist Pink nails and these Pink Champagne design!

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