MBFWA here we come! Plus nails and some exciting news!

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MBFWA nailsLet me share exciting news with you my dear readers, Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia (MBFWA 2013) is starting next week! We’ll be there reporting to you on the hottest nail trends of the new season. Not only will we be attending some of the best Australian designer’s shows, we’ll be covering backstage too!

So today’s manicure is our nail art for the first day of the fashion week. We’re planning to do different nail designs everyday (well, at least we hope so!) to match our outfits. In case you don’t know we also run a fashion blog, so it all comes together perfectly during the fashion weeks – fashion, outfits and nail art! As for the nail art itself, our first design was inspired by Margarita Missoni prints and it took over an hour to do! Crazy!!! This is the most time consuming nail art we’ve ever done. But it’s fashion week after all, the best time to get creative and go wild with your nails (and outfits!).

australian fashion week nailsmissoni nails, freehand nail artMBFWA fashion week nailsIn case, you’re curious how to do these nails: first, paint your base – like this and let it dry. Then draw all the patterns – dots, lines and zigzags. We used toothpick to draw zigzags and dots and lines with a nail art brush.

Used: ORLY Hope & Freedom Boho Bonnet, Australis Valentine, Revlon Knockout, Hello Darling Kau Wela and Rubber Duckie.

So, next week SoNailicious will be all about fashion and nails. You’ll be the first to see the freshest MBFWA runway nail looks as we’ll be posting updates as we go, daily. Make sure you follow us on Twitter and Instagram for real time reports and exclusive photos.

Stay tuned and stay polished, lovelies! MBFWA 2013, here we come!

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