Max Factor Fantasy Fire: the everchanging shimmer

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fantasy fireMax Factor Fantasy Fire nail polish is one of those that is slowly revealing its beauty after you keep trying them over and over. At first I was purely attracted to it because of its unusual deep cobalt shimmering colour. However, I later found that it actually consists out of gold, red, cobalt and emerald particles that completely change the colour of nail polish depending on the angle you look at it. Fantasy Fire looks exceptionally good when layered over opaque nail polish of one of those colors that match its particles.

Right now, I just can’t stop looking at my brightly shimmering nails! However, sadly as much as I tried to capture its beauty photos only show a fraction of it.

When you look along your nails they appear bright emerald, while if look at them from the side they appear ocean blue and if you look down they look deep cobalt blue with red shimmering particles or burgundy depends on the angle.

Fantasy Fire over Sally Hansen Hard As Nails Blue It: daylight and artificial light

Fantasy Fire over Revlon Dark Pleasures Scarlet Letter: daylight and artificial light


Finish: Moderately glossy. NailsInc top coat was used on the photos

Formula: Sheer.

Brush: Thin. It requires some skill to be able to apply it flawlessly.

Overall impression: Absolutely beautiful shimmer nail polish – I’d recommend. The above downfalls are outweighed by its chameleon shimmering qualities. The only one shimmer nail polish that impressed me that much was Chanel Peridot.

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