Revolutionizing Nail Strengthener: Mavala Mava-Strong

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Do you have weak brittle nails that just don’t grow? Then read on as I’m about to introduce you to a product that will put all of that into the past. Drum roll… Mava-Strong! After extensive research and testing Mavala, a Swiss brand famous for their innovative and highly effective nail care products, have launched this new nail strengthener earlier this year. So we expect nothing less than revolutionary from Mava-Strong.

Maria and I have both decided to give Mavala Mava-Strong a try. We both have nails that are prone to breaking so it is easy to test drive a nail strengthener. If it works, our nails grow nice and strong, if not… well, hello shorties. Mava-Strong sounded too good not to give it a chance, and we did!

Read our detailed Mavala Mava-Strong review below to find out how effective this nail strengthener really is…

mavala mava strong review, how to grow strong nailsmavala mava strong nail strengthener review


Mavala says Mava-Strong “allows splitting, soft, thus breaking nails to regain their normal, healthy and strong aspect. It combines two actions working in synergy: fortifying and protecting.  …active ingredients combining technicality and efficiency will quickly improve the appearance of nails and make them more resistant and thicker.”


Very easy to use. Apply 1-2 coats daily for a week. At the end of week, remove. Repeat for at least 3 weeks. Otherwise, simply use it as a base (2 coats) before applying nail colour for a month or longer if you wish.


The unique formula is full of natural and nutritious ingredients for nails. With strengthening elements like keratin and arginine coupled with nourishing tea tree oil and Vitamin E makes for a good combination to thicken your nails and keep them healthy.

mavala mava strong review, how to grow strong nails

Emily’s Verdict:

  1. Yes, I can confirm this nail strengthener begins working immediately. My nails were not nearly as flexible or flimsy once I put this nail strengthener on.
  2. Mava-Strong continued to work more and more over time and my nails got longer than they’ve ever been able to be before. I didn’t break a single nail while using this product for 2 weeks, which is unreal considering how long my nails were and how often they usually break.
  3. It is good to note though, once I stopped using Mava-Strong, my nails weakened within a day or so and began to break.
  4. I know I will absolutely be purchasing this product again. As someone with naturally weak nails, this product lets me have the long and healthy nails I’ve always wanted!

Maria’s Verdict:

I can confirm what Emily says in her review above. This product makes your nails feel stronger immediately after the first application and it continues working over time. Listed below are a few more positive qualities that I’ve found:

  • Colorless base. What I like the most about Mava-Strong is that it’s colorless, which makes it a perfect base coat for any kind of nail art. I’ve been a loyal user of Orly Nailtrition for about 4 years now, but it has a pink pearlescent which is not always ideal.
  • 5-Free formula. Mava-Strong does not contain Dibutyl Phthalate (DBP), Formaldehyde, Toluene, Formaldehyde Resin and Camphor. The latter is particularly important as a nail strengthener is a product that be would be applied on your ‘naked’ nails daily for weeks, months or even years. I would not recommend using a product that contains any of the Big 3 or 5 chemicals – here’s why.
  • Accessible. It’s great to discover another great nail strengthener which is as effective as Orly Nailtrition is and much better as a base for nail designs. In Australia it’s hard to find Orly Nailtrition, while Mavala is very accessible – anyone can buy it online here and have it delivered to their doorsteps within a couple of days.
  • Strengthening Effect. Even though Mava-Strong works immediately I’d strongly recommend to use it for at least 1 month to feel and see the real difference. Underneath a nail colour or just as a ‘naked nails’ look, make sure Mava-Strong is always on your nails during that period.
  • On a negative side, Mava-Strong is a bit more expensive that most of nail strengtheners. But considering how effective it is and given it provides with a perfect, toxin-free base for your manicure, I think Mava-Strong is really worth it.

Extra Notes: Mavala Mava-Strong is super fast drying! There is no excuse not to use this product when it can be applied and dried within three (3) minutes.

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Availability: in Australia – $26.95 AUD here, internationally – $19.50 USD here or via your local Mavala counter.

So guys, what are your thoughts about Mavala Mava-Strong? Have you tried it before? Or, are you keen to invest in this one?

– Emily

Photos & some text: Maria Vlezko.

P.S. This is not a sponsored post, neither our opinions were influenced by a brand in any way. Read our disclosure policy here.

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