Matte Top Coat over Gothic Moon nails and some thoughts about it

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matte top coat, essie power clutch

Here is the second part of the Gothic Moon nails experiment. A Matte top coat transformed the extra glossy manicure into a velvety subtle chic look. As the texture of the manicure changed the whole perception of the look changed. You’re no longer distracted by the gloss so the pattern really stands out and the precise sharp edges become more defined.

See close ups/comparison below.

Essie matte about you comparison and reiewmatte nailsgold and black nails artessie matte about you review, essie power clutchIt seems that matte top coat works best on dark shades. I ran a quick test with white and nude polishes and the result wasn’t as spectacular as on darker polishes. I also noticed that a matte top coat evens out the surface of your manicure in some kind of magical way. It covers your nails so evenly by molding with the polish that your manicure looks almost unnatural (in a good way! it’s just too perfect).

Used: Essie 763 Power Clutch, Revlon Golden Coin and Essie Matte About You top coat.

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